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Brakes Cayman S

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Outstanding acceleration figures are one way to express performance. We focus not only on the positive, but also the negative values of acceleration. This is how Porsche has traditionally succeeded in setting standards for deceleration and stability.

The Cayman models are equipped with four-piston aluminium monobloc fixed brake calipers. This design means that, not only are the brakes extremely resistant to deformation, they are lightweight for a particularly fast and sensitive braking response.

A new generation of brake caliper at the front axle, combined with enlarged brake pads and the newly developed brake booster, has managed to improve braking and component stability even during continuous use. In addition, brake cooling is optimised by the newly developed brake ventilation system featuring a modified air spoiler at the front and rear axles.

The enhanced dynamics of the Cayman and Cayman S also demand appropriate brake discs. All Cayman brake discs are internally vented and cross-drilled for improved braking in wet conditions. With a diameter of 330 mm, the front brake discs of the Cayman S are 15 mm larger than those of the Cayman. The diameter of the rear brake discs is 299 mm on both models. The brake calipers on the Cayman and Cayman S are finished in black and red, respectively.

Electric parking brake

The electric parking brake, which can be activated and deactivated manually, is released automatically as you pull away with your seat belt fastened. A hill hold function is integrated as standard for the manual gearbox and for PDK. It assists you in making a comfortable, smooth and roll-free start on an incline. Whenever you come to halt on an incline, this is detected automatically and the braking effect of the electric parking brake is supplemented by application of the wheel brakes. As long as a gear remains engaged, the brake pressure is maintained at all four wheels. To pull away, simply apply throttle. As soon as sufficient starting torque is available, the brake is released and the vehicle moves off.