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Porsche Car Connect (PCC) Macan Turbo

Porsche Macan Turbo - Porsche Car Connect (PCC)

Porsche Car Connect (PCC)

With our smartphone app, you can access various data relating to your car and control certain functions remotely – any time, any place.

The app shows you where you parked your car as well as your current location so that you can quickly find the shortest route back to your Porsche.

Open or closed? The app also gives you real-time status information on the doors, windows, hood and luggage compartment. You can even lock your vehicle remotely or fold the exterior mirrors.

Your smartphone also gives you direct access to what really matters: driving stats. These include trip distance, average speed, driving time in hours and minutes or average fuel consumption. Of course, you are always kept informed of mileage and fuel level as well.

A particularly practical function is the ability to make a breakdown call at any time from any location. In the event of an accident, an emergency call is initiated automatically so that assistance can be swiftly arranged. The system also lets you check the status of the alarm system. As for security, the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS) enables the remote location of a stolen vehicle across most of the US.

Porsche Car Connect (PCC) – state of the art and up to date in more ways than one.

Optional for all Macan models.