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Exterior design

Cayenne S Diesel

Exterior design

The contours of the front section draw the eye, reflecting the car’s excellent dynamics at first glance. The elongated bonnet is clearly reminiscent of Porsche racecars from the 1960s while its power-dome underlines the strengh and resolution within.

As you’d expect of a thoroughbred athlete, the sharper profile exudes eagerness and determination. This is further emphasised by the dynamic rear roof pillars and flowing coupé-like silhouette. The rear wheel arches echo the lines of the muscular front section, while the contoured roof spoiler pays homage to the Carrera GT. Further proof of how harmoniously our performance concept has been integrated into our design philosophy – across the entire model range.

Another sporty reference: the black slats in the front apron make the air intakes appear larger and the car wider. As well as accentuating the sports-oriented design, these help to ensure the optimum operating temperature for the V8 turbo-diesel engine. Of course, the Cayenne S Diesel is also recognisable by its distinctive engine sound.

Fitted as standard, the 18-inch Cayenne S III wheels offer exceptional ride comfort, especially on longer journeys. A range of other wheels is also available in various sizes (up to 21 inches in diameter).

The ‘diesel’ designation on each front wing and the ‘Cayenne S’ logo on the tailgate allude to the fact that this is the most powerful V8 turbo-diesel in its class.

The Porsche ‘S’. A mark to which the Cayenne S Diesel holds true.