Conditions of Participation

  1. In agreeing today to be a passenger in and/or drive any of the vehicles made available by Porsche Cars Great Britain Limited ("Porsche") for driving demonstration purposes, whether on road or track (including the Porsche Experience Centre track operated by Porsche and/or the Silverstone track operated by Silverstone Circuits Limited), I agree that:

    1.1    I hold a valid full UK Driving Licence to drive a vehicle upon public highways; OR I hold a valid full foreign Driving Licence and I am entitled to drive a vehicle upon public highways in the UK under such licence.

    1.2    I am medically fit enough to participate and I declare that my eyesight is up to the standard required of a road driving test. I am not suffering from any disability which is likely adversely to affect my ability to control a vehicle. I am not under the influence of alcohol, and have not taken any form of medication, drugs or other substance, and know of no other reason or factor, which will or may impair my driving abilities or restrict me from participating in the Porsche Driving Experience.

    1.3    I agree that I will not participate in any activities unless I have first received a drivers briefing, following which I will abstain from participating should I not agree or understand the inherent risks involved. I will follow the instructions given to me by Porsche, its employees, agents and/or contractors whilst the vehicle is in my possession.

  2. Where Porsche organises insurance of the vehicles, I accept that I owe Porsche and its insurer a duty of utmost good faith which includes an obligation to let Porsche, its employees, agents and/or contractors know of anything that will or may affect the validity or continuity of Porsche's insurance policy. I promise that I have disclosed any such matter or fact already known to me (and will disclose any such matter or fact that becomes known to me). I understand that I may not be covered by Porsche's insurance if I have not disclosed such matter or fact, or if any statements or promises I make are untrue or incomplete.

  3. I understand that Porsche will be responsible for (i) any personal injury I suffer as a result of its own negligence or the negligence of its employees, agents or contractors and also for (ii) any loss or damage (not including any purely financial or business loss, such as loss of revenue, loss of profit or loss of opportunity) I suffer that is caused by Porsche's breach of contract, or breach of legal duty of care, where such loss or damage is reasonably foreseeable. Loss or damage is "reasonably foreseeable" if, at the time Porsche and I entered into this relationship, such loss or damage was contemplated by us. I accept that Porsche will not be responsible for any other loss or damage arising from my participation in the Porsche Driving Experience, whether as a passenger or as a driver.

  4. I accept that if, in connection with my participation in the Porsche Driving Experience, any loss or damage is suffered by Porsche, its employees, agents and/or contractors, or by any third party, as a result of my negligence or my breach of any of the above terms, then I shall be responsible for (i) all losses, damages or expenses suffered by Porsche, its employees, agents and/or contractors and (ii) if Porsche organises insurance of the vehicles, any excess on any insurance policy maintained by Porsche in respect of the vehicle liability, up to a maximum of five hundred pounds (GBP £500) if I am aged 21 years or older and have held my driving licence for more than two years or one thousand pounds (GBP £1,000) if I am aged under 21 years and/or have held by driving licence for less than two years.

  5. These conditions are governed by the Laws of England, and I agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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