Porsche - Master



Master, our two-day course for advanced participants.

At Porsche, we are constantly redefining the limits of what’s possible.

Now it’s your turn: after you have completed the Performance training, the challenges of the Master course await you.

Course Content

The course builds on what has already been learned in the Performance course. But it is primarily devoted to motorsport-oriented aspects. The driving programme includes identifying the racing line on Silverstone Circuit, precision braking and controlled acceleration out of a bend. When driving laps, you should be able to find the optimum racing line over the entire course. Special attention is also given to safe overtaking manoeuvres and general trackcraft. Your Porsche Driving Consultant will be next to you at all times and at the end to discuss your performance on the track.

The theory lessons cover aspects such as circuit etiquette, flags and correct clothing in high performance driving. It’s not only your vehicle that has to last the full distance, you too will receive expert advice on balanced nutrition and fitness training.

After successfully completing the Master training, you are then ready to turn your sights towards motorsport.

Event Cost: Available on request
Required level: Performance

Participants must hold a valid, full driving licence and must be between 18 and 80 years of age. If you have any convictions on your licence please phone + 44 (0) 1327 855 911 before booking as restrictions may apply. Once voucher is confirmed by email please call the Porsche Experience Centre to book your preferred day.