Porsche - GT Experience

GT Experience


Porsche "RS" models would not exist without the race track. This experience will illustrate the raw, focussed character of the legendary Porsche GT and RS models through their evolution.

Course Content

You will start with a 30 minute session in the latest 911 Carrera to familiarise yourself with the tracks before spending the rest of your half-day experience driving 3 different iconic Porsche 911 models. Although exact models cannot be guaranteed you will experience a 997 GT series, a 997 RS and one of the latest generation 991 GT or RS models.

Event Cost: £995 (incl. 20% VAT)
One-to-one Tuition: Yes
Running Length: 150 mins (total driving time)
Breakfast and lunch, or lunch and afternoon tea, is included.

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Participants must hold a valid, full driving licence and must be between 25 and 80 years of age. If you have any convictions on your licence please phone + 44 (0) 1327 855 911 before booking as restrictions may apply. Once voucher is confirmed by email please call the Porsche Experience Centre to book your preferred day.