Ice-ForceS raises the bar even higher to fine-tune the driving skills of each participant – new challenges and an exclusive group means even more driving pleasure. The spacious handling courses offer plenty of scope for long drifts, with or without electronic driving aids. Simply give it a go. The data recording and theory session provides a solid foundation for the practical training. The instructors explain the basic laws of physics as they apply to driving and vehicle handling. This is the ideal opportunity to finely hone your driving skills.

Event Cost: £TBC
Location: Porsche Experience Centre, Levi, Finland
Duration: 5 days
Event Dates: 1 – 5 March 2014
Vehicles: Porsche 911 Carrera S, Carrera 4S, 911 Turbo and GT3
Tyres: 4mm and 5mm spike tyres

For more information please call 08443 575 911 or email travel.club@porsche.co.uk