Porsche - Guideline 5

Guideline 5

Concrete environmental aims and environmental programs have been formulated and implemented for all operational functions.

Successful environmental management requires that the aim of ”environmental protection” is anchored in the mind of every employee, in all functional areas and at every hierarchical level. In practice, Porsche has created a central coordination centre for environmental activities in the form of a cross-site and cross-functional department for ”Environment and Energy”. This department co-ordinates and controls the programs for the numerous environmental protection measures.

The development departments also play a key role with regard to the commercial status of environmental protection and the competition within this area. Particularly in the case of the long service life of the products, a characteristic feature of Porsche sports cars, the importance of the development division is increasing with regard to environmental protection. This represents a new challenge, which Porsche AG has met by restructuring the central ”Environment and Energy” department. In February 1997 the central coordinating centre for all environmental activities within Porsche AG was joined with the development division.