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39. AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix 2011

Porsche - 39. AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix

Porsche Classic at the AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix 2011

The 39th AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix, one of the most important international motor racing events for historic cars, took place at the Nürburgring from 12 - 14 August 2011. It featured over 32 hours of historic motorsport in over 20 races, creating quite an impressive display, proving that the cars haven’t lost any of their attraction. Despite the constant downpour of rain, around 61,500 visitors participated at this weekend event, as they watched the extraordinary time travel through the history of motorsport at the Nürburgring.

Porsche was represented by Porsche Classic, Porsche Exclusive & Tequipment, the Porsche Museum, and Porsche Driver's Selection on a total of 14,000 square meters, in close proximity to the race track. Together with selected partners, Bose, Kingeter, Stickel, Mahle, Mobil and Avis, Porsche Classic offered its visitors a wide variety of information and entertainment in the spacious Porsche exhibition area.

The popular crane ride, provided by the logistics company Hendricks, was offered to about 900 Porsche VIP guests. They were able to enjoy a spectacular view over the Porsche area, as well as the Nürburgring. From this lofty height, they could also enjoy the best view of more than 500 Porsche customer vehicles, which were arranged according to models and generations around the Porsche exhibition tent – yet another highlight for the owners of a Porsche VIP package.

A further highlight of this year’s event was the anniversary that Porsche Exclusive organized, celebrating “25 Years Porsche Exclusive”. The Exclusive range has a long tradition at Porsche. The first vehicle personalisation options at Porsche were made available during the era of the 356. From these initial beginnings, the Porsche “Sonderwunschprogramm” (special wishes programme) developed, as serial production was gradually introduced. Since 1986, in other words, for the last 25 years, all vehicle personalisation options have been available under the name Porsche Exclusive. During the time of the “Sonderwunschprogramm”, Porsche even offered complete vehicle conversions to meet its customers’ special requirements.

The exclusive anniversary parade consisting of 25 models from the most recent limited production runs, the 911 Sport Classic and the 911 Speedster, left Stuttgart for the Nuerburgring on Friday , where they were then impressively displayed at their destination directly in front of the Porsche VIP Hospitality tent.

In addition, there were autograph hours on Saturday with Derek Bell and Walter Röhrl, who both were available for interviews. Eve Scheer, who served as moderator, succeeded in drawing out interesting stories from the race drivers about their racing careers. These parts of the program were a huge hit with both fans and motorsport enthusiasts.

The exclusive hospitality area with its own viewing platform to the famous „Hatzenbach Bend” rounded off the event package from Porsche Classic. Here, Porsche VIP guests enjoyed both culinary and cultural treats throughout the weekend. They could enjoy the historic racing or simply relax in the exclusive atmosphere. A highlight of the spectacular Saturday evening event was the raffle and its attractive prizes. Afterwards a band with internationally renowned musicians created an exciting party mood in the VIP tent.

For the 40th AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2012 Porsche Classic plans to offer its customers and enthusiasts yet another unforgettable weekend.