My Porsche - The digital gateway to your sports car.
My Porsche
The digital gateway to your sports car.
My Porsche overview

My Porsche overview

People and their vehicles – that is a very special kind of relationship. With My Porsche, you can now enhance the connection even further. Our digital services bring you even closer to your sports car. Offering you more control so you can easily interact with your vehicle with the Porsche Connect services built in. You also have access to important information about your vehicle. Register now to get the most out of your Porsche.

My Porsche overviewMy Porsche overviewMy Porsche overview

My Porsche lets you decide which of your vehicle's individual services you would like to use and how. What's more, you can easily adapt the navigation, entertainment and information features to your needs. The My Porsche portal is available to drivers of all models – from classic cars to electric sports cars. You can also control the Connect services via your browser or the app, view your vehicle data, including mileage or scheduled maintenance. You can contact your Porsche Centre directly to request a service appointment and finally have peace of mind knowing that Porsche Roadside Assistance is one click away. Discover new possibilities – for an even more comprehensive and personalised Porsche experience and exclusive insight into news, events and content from the Porsche world.


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My Porsche benefits

Take control

Would you like to check the status of your Porsche or control certain functions at any time? My Porsche offers a variety of control features to let you do just that. You can call up information such as fuel level, mileage, tyre pressure and charge status in your browser or using the app. You can also check where your Porsche is parked or when your next service is at any time.

Organise your everyday

To help seamlessly integrate your Porsche into your everyday life, we offer you a variety of options to make your life easier. Whether you want to book Porsche Connect services or define your preferred messages, communication channels and music, you can make the adjustments individually with My Porsche.

Understand your Porsche

In My Porsche you will find vehicle data and multi-media instruction guides.

Discover something new

We attach great importance to offering you a personal experience right from the start. That is why, as a My Porsche user, you receive exclusive insights, promotions and offers that are tailored to you. Be it events or a look behind the scenes in Zuffenhausen, you will always find new inspiration here.

My Porsche features

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Create your central access to all the advantages of My Porsche in just two steps. With your personal Porsche ID, you can start your unique Porsche experience immediately.
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Complete the My Porsche registration form to create a Porsche ID account. You should receive a confirmation email that you can use to activate your account.
Step 2:
Then create your personal My Porsche password and log in. Here, you can now add your vehicle(s) and immediately make use of all the advantages of My Porsche in your browser or in the app.
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Please note that the functionality of My Porsche may differ depending on the model, model year and country.