The PCGB board is governed by clear management rules, which determine what decisions at what value limits require member or board approval. This ensures long-term decisions taken are to ensure the success of the business for the benefit of its members. The Company holds regular board and shareholder meetings. There is continuous detailed reporting to shareholders on important topics. The Company follows a detailed set of group wide directives to ensure compliance in all relevant areas.
The directors recognise the Company’s employees are core to the success of the business. PCGB is a responsible employer with regard to remuneration, health and safety and employee engagement. There are regular Company briefings with staff to inform them of all aspects of the running of the Company and there is a bonus scheme in place, which reflects employee contribution and the profitability of the business. There is an annual Company staff survey, the results of which are published and discussed and actions taken to improve areas, which score poorly. PCGB invests in its employees providing the necessary training required for staff to carry out their duties effectively.
Customers are at the heart of everything PCGB does. There are regular sales and aftersales customer surveys, which are analysed and actions taken to ensure improvements. There is regular staff training on customer relevant compliance such as competition law, data retention and security and treating customers fairly.
The Company takes its responsibilities of supplier engagement, maintaining business integrity and the environment seriously. It manages these responsibilities with a clear purchasing process, monitoring payment practices, regular relevant training and various environment initiatives including ISO certification.