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Our favourite pastime has always been accessories for childhood dreams.

With more than 25 years of knowledge and experience, Porsche Tequipment Genuine Accessories has always stood for one thing: Porsche-level quality. The high quality products allow you to easily adapt your Porsche to your own requirements. The products are developed with the whole vehicle in mind and are specifically tailored to your model. Make your Porsche your own.

Porsche Tequipment range of accessories

Philosophy & History

Our Inspiration.
With your Porsche, you‘ve already made one dream come true. Porsche Tequipment allows you to continue to dream, with accessories designed specifically to suit your vehicle. Make your Porsche as individual as your lifestyle, by continuing to refine your vehicle even after delivery.
The early 1950’s.
The history of individual requirements has a long tradition. Back in the early 1950’s, the idea of improving a cars drivability was already prominent. The best example is the individual production of ski luggage carriers. From 1972, this idea was then adopted by the Porsche Parts Service. During this time, the range only consisted of wheel centres and floor mats.
The expansion of the product portfolio.
The expansion of the product portfolio rapidly gained momentum due to numerous ideas for new accessories being introduced. For example, the first wind deflector for Porsche Cabriolets was developed as an accessory for the 944 and 968 models. Transport solutions for bikes, skies etc also joined the range.
1995- the birth of Porsche Tequipment
The steadily growing demand for genuine Porsche accessories justified the next step in 1995 where Porsche Tequipment, short for ‘Technical Equipment’, was born.
The Porsche Tequipment product range
Porsche Tequipment offers a wide range of accessories for the personalisation of your Porsche. The range enhances the vehicle, in the form of tailored model- specific transport systems. Porsche’s Tequipment gives you the ability to heighten emotions and driving pleasure through accessories such as sports exhaust systems, tinted headlights and complete wheels sets in unique designs.
The Principle of Porsche Tequipment
Porsche Tequipment products are developed with the whole vehicle in mind. They are designed by the same engineers who create the cars in the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach. All of the accessories undergo extensive testing during their development. The products are more than accessories, they are part of your Porsche.
1997- The first self designed wheel
Wheel sets designed by Porsche form part of the core Porsche Tequipment product range and have become the accessory programme‘s best sellers. In 1997, the first Porsche Tequipment wheel was designed. The 17-inch Dyno wheel for the first generation Boxster was exclusively available to retrofit and was produced in close collaboration with the Porsche Design Studio. It became the foundation stone for many joint development projects.
Motorsport accessories
Porsche Tequipment’s motorsport accessories were first introduced in 2008. They are practical for everyday use and allow you to experience, see and feel over 30,000 race victories.
E-Performance accessories
In 2013 Porsche Tequipment began its next chapter: E- Performance accessories for the 918 Spyder super sports car. The range for the Taycan consolidated this future trend.
Over 25 years of Porsche-level quality.
With over 25 years of knowledge and experience, Porsche Tequipment has consistently stood for one thing: Porsche-level quality. The high-quality products are developed and adapted with the whole vehicle in mind and are tailored to your individual Porsche.


The Porsche Tequipment accessory range.

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Designed and tested in Weissach
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