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Universal Audio Interface

Porsche Panamera - Universal Audio Interface
Model shown: Panamera

Universal Audio Interface

Universal audio interface

Enhanced PCM with Universal Audio Interface (standard on all models): an AUX interface and a USB port for connecting your iPod® or iPhone®. ** Your iPod®, iPhone®, compatible MP3 player or a USB stick connected to the USB interface can be controlled using PCM. Through the USB port, it is possible to transfer up to 5,000 tracks in MP3 format to the 40 GB internal hard drive of PCM, where they can be accessed for direct playback. Playback of recognised podcast and audiobook formats is supported and cover art is displayed. Contact your Porsche Centre for further information.

Digital radio

This option enables reception of digital radio broadcasts in the DAB, DAB+ and DMB audio formats, offering far superior sound quality.* Automatic changeover between digital and analogue ensures optimum reception of the selected station.

* Reception is dependent on local network availability.

** For information on compatibility with iPod® models, please contact your Porsche Centre.