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Driving modes Panamera S E-Hybrid

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid - Driving modes

Driving modes

With the Panamera S E-Hybrid you can get involved at any time – the three different driving modes allow you to control certain hybrid-specific types of driving. You can then deliberately play out their corresponding strengths. Although, ultimately, you are still always driving a Porsche.

1. E-Power
- E-Power mode (electric driving) is activated as standard. Every journey starts with electricity alone
- Fully electric drive with high torque electric motor for an intensive driving experience without using any fuel, e.g. for driving through town or on the way to work
- With kick-down, the power available from the whole system can be called upon at any time
2. E-Charge
- E-Charge mode can be activated by pressing a button
- The high-voltage battery is charged while driving by the combustion engine which generates more power (principle of changing load point)
- Useful for charging while driving, e.g. on motorways, for instance when there is a city route coming up where you will want to drive on electricity
3. Sport
- In Sport mode, the boost is activated when the gas pedal position reaches 80% – combustion engine and electric motor develop the full performance potential together
- For dynamic driving with a suitable gas pedal characteristic, maximum power and maximum torque