Porsche - HV Battery Recycling

HV Battery Recycling

HV Battery Recycling Requirement & Network Information Catalog

The dealer service catalogue provides you with a full list of Porsche networks in China, including contact details of all authorized dealers. If you need any help, please contact the nearest Porsche Centre.

Download Catalogue (PDF; 15.1 MB)

HV Battery Disassembly & Harmful Substances Information Disclosure

In accordance with the requirements of the state “Interim measures for the management of recovery and utilization of new energy automobile HV battery”, automobile manufacturers should take the initiative to disclose the technical information of HV battery disassembly and disassembly technology instructions, as well as the information of toxic and harmful substances in the battery. In order to comply with the national regulations, we now disclose the relevant information through the Porsche PCSS TSI platform. The third party dismantling enterprises and other external demanders can register and log in the following platform to find the information required in the " Specific Country and Region Documents" section.

Porsche PCSS TSI Platform

End users can find the HV battery dismantling manual and hazardous substance info by following the the instruction below:

  1. Please first register the PCSS TSI account (PCSS TSI is not free of charge. Detailed charging rate can be found on the account registration page).
  2. After login in the PCSS TSI successfully, please click the “Information media” in the navigation menu, which is on the top of the page.
  3. Please click the “All media” column on the “Information media” page.
  4. Please click the “Information disclosed by CSD for compliance with local regulations” on the “All media” page, then the required information can be found under the title “HV battery dismantling manual and hazardous substance information disclosure”.