Porsche Maintained

Porsche Maintained

Porsche Standard Quality

Porsche never compromises on quality. We maintain the global Porsche Standard at all times, and use only Genuine Parts.

Excellent Professional Skills

Porsche Centres not only have professional repair technology, equipment and diagnostics systems. They also have teams of technicians with unparalleled repair expertise, trained through the dedicated Porsche training process to Porsche standards.

Global Accredited Team

Porsche-certified technician and service teams work closely and efficiently together, committed to their responsibility of ensuring and maintaining Porsche high standards.

Best for Customer Care

Porsche Centres not only provide comprehensive after sales service and products. They also pursue excellence with passion, and strive continually to bring Porsche driving pleasure to customers.

Transparency is Standard

Following a standard work process, with transparent parts and labour pricing, is the principle we insist on, to ensure a fully transparent, high-quality service to our customers.