Porsche - Dynamic Repair

Dynamic Repair

There's no alternative to a Porsche – but you can replace its damaged parts.

A stone chip in the windscreen? A dent in the passenger door? A scratch in the paint? A tear in the leather? We can fix it. Dynamic repair allows us to restore minor damage quickly and easily, thus saving time, protecting the environment and leaving no visible trace. It all helps to maintain your driving pleasure and your vehicle's value. And your Porsche stays as it is: an original. For more information, simply contact your Porsche Partner.

  • Paint repair
    It's not always possible to engage in active sport without suffering a few knocks and scratches. But at Porsche, the ‘healing process’ can be accelerated. With paint damage, it's often possible to treat the damaged area directly on the vehicle itself, without having to remove the original part, thereby saving time and money.
  • Dent repair
    Thanks to our dent repair, various dents and bumps can be removed almost without trace, without damaging the paint. The cost and time involved are relatively low, as no parts need to be replaced. The repair depends on both the size and number of dents and on their depth and accessibility. Unfortunately, minor damage at the edges of load-bearing bodywork cannot be reformed.
  • Interior cosmetics
    Why should interior wear and tear spoil your driving pleasure? We can almost completely restore a range of damage, such as abrasions, scratches, pen marks, etc. As well as most stains, large or small. We guarantee abrasion resistance and excellent quality.