Porsche electromobility: Two silver-colored Porsche models driving through the city with passersby in the background.
Experience electromobility with Porsche E-Performance.
Soul, electrified.
Electromobility with Porsche E-Performance.

We are driven by our passion for sports cars. With Porsche E-Performance, our concept for emotional electromobility, we are taking a step further toward the mobility of the future, bringing Porsche electric and plug-in hybrid models together with a sophisticated charging infrastructure for more performance in everyday life and more sustainable mobility.

Future mobility: a blue Taycan Turbo drives through the city, pedestrians can be seen in the background.Mobility of the future: A silver-colored Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid drives through an urban environment. Skyscrapers are visible in the background.

Porsche E-Performance model variants.

All-electric models

Porsche electric vehicles with all-electric drive have a range of up to 484 km and can be charged from 5 to 80 % in 22.5 minutes¹. The Porsche Taycan models are the currently available all-electric models.

¹ Optimum conditions: CCS fast-charging pedestal with > 270 kW, > 850 V, battery temperature 30 °C to 35 °C and initial charge status 5 %.

Plug-in hybrid models

Our Porsche plug-in hybrid models are powered by a combination of combustion engine and electric motor. They have an all-electric range of 40–56 km and can be charged at all AC charging stations. The Cayenne E-Hybrid and Panamera E-Hybrid models are the currently available Porsche plug-in hybrid models.

The Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid Coupé, the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo and the Taycan Turbo S park on the banks of a river.

Discover all model variants of our all-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Charging electric and plug-in hybrid models.

What is the range of my electric vehicle? Where can I find a charging station? Which charging cable can I use for charging? We have the answers to your questions – and make your Porsche ready for everyday use.

Porsche Charging Stations.

Charging all-electric models.
Electromobility requires a good charging infrastructure: as the driver of an all-electric Porsche, you can choose from a wide network of different charging stations. At home, on the road at public charging pedestals and at your destination. Turbo charging stations are also available on the road – here you can charge particularly quickly using direct current, also known as DC charging.

Charging electric vehicles

A Type 2 charging plug is plugged into the charge port of the BEV model Porsche Taycan Turbo S, vehicle color white.
Charging plug-in hybrid models.
Charge your plug-in hybrid model conveniently at home. On the road, public charging stations with alternating current are available. Charging with alternating current is also called AC charging.

Charging plug-in hybrids


The most important info on electromobility.
Where can I charge my Porsche?

Your Porsche can be easily charged in various everyday situations: at home, on the road and at your destination.

A range of Porsche charging equipment is available for charging at home. You will find the charging solution to suit your needs via the Porsche Charging Pre-Check at https://www.porsche.com/microsite/opc/#/tw/zh. Contact your Porsche partner for further information.

On the road, Porsche offers you attractive fast Turbo Charging solutions around the island at Porsche Centres and close to major highways. Charging at these Turbo Chargers is complimentary for the first two years as part of the Porsche Taiwan Charging Service with the purchase of your Porsche BEV (subject to terms & conditions).

At selected destinations, e.g. luxury hotels, you can charge your vehicle for free via Porsche Destination Charging.

Check out our Porsche Taiwan Charging app for iOS and Android to learn more about our growing network of chargers.

Must I always charge my Porsche completely?

No, you don't have to charge the high-voltage battery of your Porsche completely every time. Partially charging your Porsche will not cause capacity loss ("memory effect") and does not reduce the service life of your high-voltage battery.

In addition, the charging speed reduces as the charge level of the high-voltage battery increases. Therefore it can save time to only charge the battery up to approx. 80 per cent or until the required range has been achieved.

Moreover, only allowing it to discharge to 20% and charging it slowly to 80% protects the battery.

On what does the range of my Porsche depend?

The range is influenced by various factors, such as the driving style, comfort functions, aerodynamics and road conditions. The most important factor is your driving style: environmentally-aware and anticipatory driving behaviour promotes brake energy recovery and thereby increases the range of the vehicle. In addition, you can reduce the strength of your comfort functions such as the air-conditioning system and heating, and only fit add-on parts that influence the aerodynamics (e.g. roof boxes) when required.

E-Performance Magazine.

Immerse yourself in the world of electromobility: read our magazine for exciting articles and reports plus exclusive interviews about Porsche electric vehicles, trends and developments in electromobility and our concept of the car of the future.

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Help & Contact.

Our help & contact area contains all the important information and contact details for any questions you may have regarding electromobility at Porsche.