August / September 2007

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The Sun King

It’s a promise: the sky’s the limit in just twenty seconds. Making - and keeping - that promise is the new 911 Turbo Cabriolet.

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Six and the City

City races are the big attraction of the American Le Mans Series. The fans will be close to the action when Porsche’s RS Spyders continue their success story.

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Run for Fun

How a columnist from Europe discovered a New World - more than 500 years after Columbus; this time, the world of American auto racing.

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Roger more

Few businessmen in the United States are more successful than Roger Penske. And no one has the motorsports triumphs to show for it as Porsche’s renowned partner. A portrait.

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Valencia Throws a Party

The America’s Cup regatta blows up a storm ashore, too. In the Spanish port of Valencia, the VIP Cayenne proved that it’s not even scared of the water.

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News: The Dawn of a New Era: Porsche’s “New Departure” Policy

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News: Porsche Still Rates Highest in Initial Qualityn

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News: The New 911 GT3 RSR Masters the Classics

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News: Porsche Supports Innovative Start-ups

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