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Winter Tyres

Your choice for maximum performance on snow and ice:
N-marked winter tyres.

N-marked winter tyres are the superior choice for the Porsche performance and secure handling you expect when driving in snowy conditions. We develop our winter tyres together with engineers of leading manufacturers so that you can fully enjoy every journey, even in winter weather conditions. Each of our tyres is subjected to a rigorous testing process. This means that you can absolutely rely on them when travelling on snow-covered roads. Hot tip: Porsche-recommended tyres carry an “N” marking on the tyre wall.

At your local Porsche Centre you can find specific details about the N-marking as well as other useful information about winter tyres.

Why should you switch to winter tyres?

Or to put it differently: What are the features which distinguish winter tyres? The secret lies in the material composition: the rubber on winter tyres does not harden in the cold; their tread patterns deflect water and provide good lateral support. Their tread sipes pick up snow to enable added grip.

N-marked winter tyres:
Safety in winter driving conditions.

It comes as little surprise that over 60 % of drivers find driving on snow to be highly challenging. Each country has its own laws regarding the use of winter tyres. For this reason, you should always inform yourself in advance about your responsibilities as a motorist when driving in foreign countries. No matter where you go with your Porsche: Porsche-recommended tyres are tailor-made for your model, and also give you a feeling of assurance on challenging routes. They offer shorter breaking distances and secure grip on winter roads.

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