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Porsche Driving Experience Centre, Silverstone – in detail

The Porsche Driving Experience Centre, Silverstone, has been devised to enable drivers to consciously develop their driving skills, understand in detail the performance capabilities and safety systems of their cars and ultimately derive even greater enjoyment from their Porsche.

A world-class training facility, the Porsche Driving Experience Centre occupies a 10.2 hectare plot adjacent to the famous Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, near Towcester, in Northamptonshire. Porsche Cars GB first started offering circuit-based driver development in the mid-70s to support the introduction of the 3.0-litre 911 Turbo. Since then, the Porsche Driving Experience programme has evolved to the point where over 7,500 owners participated in the past 12 months.

The Porsche Driving Experience is a graduated programme that within each level covers the cornerstones of all driving: a sound knowledge of the principles of car control, defensive driving (the art of avoiding preventable accidents) and advanced driving techniques.

The programme has been developed by Porsche specifically to meet the demanding requirements of Porsche drivers. The Porsche Driving Consultants, all professional driving experts from road, rally and circuit backgrounds personally tutor participants. Their vehicle appreciation skills coupled with in-depth Porsche technical training makes them complete Porsche drivers, able to bring a new dimension to Porsche motoring with their coaching and inside knowledge.

It is not necessary to be a particular kind of driver to enjoy the programme. Each stage can be enjoyed by anyone wishing to improve their driving and learn a number of practical techniques. The emphasis is on discovering individual strengths as a driver and learning to appreciate and use the dynamic capabilities of a Porsche car.

Our half day introductory course offers one-to-one training on the facilities listed below. After a 30 minute technical briefing and a familiarisation session on the Porsche Handling Circuit you will experience driving the Kick Plate, Ice Hill and Low Friction Handling Circuit. You will then have the option to focus on advanced road, track or off-road driving.

Kick Plate: a moveable metal plate set flush with the road surface designed to be triggered remotely as a car travels overhead, thereby generating the effect of a loss of rear wheel traction

Ice Hill: simulating sheet ice with computer controlled water jets, this area allows drivers to explore general car control as well as understanding the specific handling characteristics of a car

Low Friction Handling Circuit: specially formulated tarmac creating an ideal environment where oversteer slides can be provoked, corrected and held

Off-Road: purpose-built landscape to include steep hillclimbs and descents, deep water and rough terrain. A challenging course to test both driver and car

Fit to drive?

Wellness means feeling healthy, energised and vibrant. It increases your resistance to stress, improves focus and enables you to enjoy all aspects of your life to the full. A consultation with the specialists at Porsche Human Performance helps you to assess and more fully understand your health, lifestyle and diet - and how to positively influence these to improve wellbeing.

Wellness assessment comprises blood glucose & cholesterol testing, blood pressure, lung function, eyesight screening specific for driving, reaction and co-ordination testing specifically for driving, aerobic capacity fitness assessment, body composition analysis and, naturally, consultation on assessment results. This additional programme costs from £100.

Porsche Human Performance have experience working at the highest level in world motor sport ensuring our understanding of what it takes to succeed in this competitive environment is second to none. For competitive drivers, improved physical conditioning enables greater consistency of lap times, increased tolerance of extreme environments and heightened concentration levels.

The Performance service provides motor sport specific fitness training and laboratory assessments to ensure a driver is maximizing their physical performance.

Fit to race?

An initial fitness assessment with Porsche Human Performance will reveal whether you really are fit to race! Your aerobic capacity, strength, reactions and visual skills are rigorously tested and bench marked against top performers to highlight areas for improvement. This more in-depth and rigorous programme costs £349, for the initial laboratory assessment.

The annual performance package can include a personalised on-line training programme, weekly group training sessions, laboratory fitness assessments, 1-1 training sessions and training camps and weekend programmes.