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• Porsche Human Performance ‘Grid Fit 2012’1 challenges drivers from all areas of motorsport to test their fitness

• Grid Fit comprises 10 motorsport-relevant exercises completed in a circuit, starting with a one-mile run; the challenge is to finish in the quickest possible time

• MotoGP rider Bradley Smith currently tops the leader board with an impressive 17mins 49secs

• Grid Fit is open to anyone looking to improve their motorsport fitness; further information is available from the Porsche Human Performance Centre, Silverstone

The Porsche Human Performance Centre located within the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone has helped over 500 customers increase their fitness levels since opening in 2008. This improvement in individual performance is delivered by a unique suite of wellness, fitness, hydration and nutrition programmes. New for 2012, and aimed specifically at those in training for amateur or professional motorsport, is Grid Fit.

Grid Fit is made up of a series of 10 motorsport-relevant exercises and a one-mile run, completed as a circuit using the extended gym facilities at iZone Driver Performance2 on the Silverstone site. The challenge element is provided by the quest to achieve this in the fastest time possible.

Following a one-mile run, the gym-based elements of the challenge begin with a timed Batak session in front of the light-wall to measure reaction times. This is followed by a defined number of exercises including wrist rolls, 50-press ups, 15-pull ups, tyre lifts, rowing and a jerry can run. The gruelling programme finishes with a final Batak session to measure the difference in reaction and response times once fatigued.

“A challenge such as Grid Fit enables drivers to benchmark their fitness level and identify specific areas of weakness on which to improve,” said Eliot Challifour, who helped devise Grid Fit in his role as Director of the Porsche Human Performance Centre. “The exercises included in Grid Fit work many of the main muscle groups essential for motorsport fitness and the fact that they are completed in a circuit means that physical and mental stamina are also keenly tested.”

So far 10 drivers and riders have taken up the Grid Fit challenge and earned their place on the leaderboard. Bradley Smith, 125cc World Championship competitor and future MotoGP rider currently sits in pole position, completing Grid Fit in a rapid 17mins 49secs. Second place is held by Porsche Carrera Cup GB 2012 Scholar Daniel Lloyd, with a time of 19mins 19secs. The challenge is now open to any Motorsport competitor, amateur or professional, who would like to improve their fitness levels and aim to make their mark on the leaderboard.

“Grid Fit demonstrated the benefits of pre-season training for me,” said Daniel. “We are now five race weekends into the 2012 Porsche Carrera Cup GB season and I’m pretty pleased with my first attempt at the challenge. I’m now working to maintain my fitness levels to ensure that I deliver the best performances possible right through to the last race at Brands Hatch in October. Incorporating regular attempts at Grid Fit will help monitor my performance. I also have my eye on the top spot on the Grid Fit leader board!”

Grid Fit costs £95 to enter and can be booked on a one-to-one basis or as part of a larger group.

Eliot added, “It is just as important for participants in motorsport to maintain a consistent level of fitness throughout the season; we work closely with our clients on this. Grid Fit is a good indicator of a driver’s level of total conditioning”.



1 Media spaces to take part in the timed Grid Fit challenge are available from the Porsche press office team. Please contact Jo Davis on 0118 925 2733 for more information.

2 iZone Driver Performance is a unique driver development centre based at Silverstone Circuit. The facility includes dedicated training rooms with AV equipment, a Zone Room for mind conditioning and visualisation exercises and a state-of-the-art motion simulator optimised to provide training and realistic practice for professional racing drivers.