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1973 Porsche 911 T, 911 E, 911 S, Coupé and Targa

”You’d have to have the emotions of a mule not to be impressed by the Porsche 911 S” wrote Manfred Jantke in auto motor und sport of one of the 1972 models. The same applied to the new version of the 911 S whose engine performance, like that of the 911 E and the 911 T, had remained unchanged. Of course the 911 was not entirely without modifications when it entered the new model year. For example the small flap in the rear right wing was omitted and concealed below the oil filler cap. Some petrol tank attendants had assumed that it was the fuel tank opening and filled it with petrol – a misunderstanding which had serious consequences.

The front spoiler bumper which added to the directional stability of the 911 S at high speeds was now also standard on the 911 E and owners of both models could in future travel farther without refuelling after the previously optional 85 litre tank became standard. The 911 E now rolled on die cast rims from the company ATS.
They were optional for the 911 T.

Customers particularly welcomed the decision to fit stainless steel exhaust systems in future.

Technical Specifications
Engine: six-cylinder Boxer, air-cooled, one upper camshaft each side
Power: 911 T: 130 HP (96 kW) at 5600/min
911 E: 165 HP (121 kW) at 6200/min
911 S: 190 HP (140 kW) at 6500/min
Displacement: 2341 ccm
Fuel system: 911 T:
two Solex-Zenith downdraft carburettors,
tank capacity 62 litres
911 E and S:
Bosch multi-point injection,
tank capacity 62 litres
Transmission: 911 T and E: four speed gearbox
911 S: five speed gearbox
Chassis: self-supporting bodywork with front independent suspension on transverse links and damper struts, stabilisers, longitudinal torsion bars, rear independent suspension on lateral links and transverse torsion bars
Dimensions and weight: 911 T:
wheel base: 2,271 mm
length: 4,127 mm
width: 1,610 mm
height: 1,320 mm

weight: 1,050 kg

911 E and S:
wheel base: 2,271 mm
length: 4,127 mm
width: 1,610 mm
height: 1,320 mm

weight: 1,075 kg
Performance: 911 T: 205 km/h
911 E: 220 km/h
911 S: 230 km/h