Porsche Classic Car Care Set

The new Porsche Classic Car Care Set

The relationship you have with your Porsche is something very special – and long-term relationships need special care and attention. The 17-piece Porsche Classic Car Care Set is the best way to do this. It contains a combination of different products for all exterior surfaces and is suitable for all Porsche paint generations.

Developed in-house: all car care products in this set were tested under the toughest conditions and are designed to meet the exact requirements of your vehicle.

Particularly authentic: the high-quality, classic-style storage bag with houndstooth pattern.

One goal: To maintain your passion for back-to-basics driving and the love for classic cars. So that you and your classic car will continue to look your best on the road long into the future.

17-piece Car Care Set

Special Features

Why is the Porsche Classic Car Care Set unique?

Perfect combination of products:
What makes the complete set so impressive is its perfectly matched combination of care products and items. It includes products designed to look after all exterior surfaces and is suitable for all paint generations and Porsche models.

Stylishly and securely packaged:
The high-quality, hard-wearing leather bag in classic style with houndstooth pattern is a safe and aesthetic means of storing all the car care products included in the set. Each product has its own secure place thanks to the foam inserts designed specifically for the products.

Tested in Weissach:
Each care product was tested for material compatibility when used according to guidelines at the development centre in Weissach - both in the lab and in practical use.

An all-rounder:
Thorough, yet gentle washing protects the paintwork from aggressive dirt and is a basic prerequisite for all other work. The shampoo can also be used on the convertible top.

Optimal preparation:
The cleaning clay removes both palpable deposits, such as flash rust, and the finest particles of dirt, such as tar or flies. This cleans right into the pores of the paintwork and is the ideal preparatory step before polishing.

Impressive shine:
The paintwork polish is always of high quality thanks to the consistent structure, shape and strength of the synthetically produced abrasive grains. This prevents micro-scratches and removes deeper scratches immediately. For gentle polishing of the paint surface and an impressive deep shine without haze or streaks.

Long-life protection:
Long-term preservation and best possible protection - the hard wax provides both for the paintwork of a classic car. It contains over 40% wax from the carnauba plant, the hardest natural wax in the world. Nano-special polymers in this easy-to-use wax provide excellent shine and long-term protection.

Deep-pore cleaning:
The plastic cleaner is made from a combination of active ingredients containing special care oils and light stabilisers. It penetrates deeply into the plastic or rubber and effectively prevents diffusion of the plasticizers. As a result, rubber and plastic always remain supple and this prevents cracks and ageing.

Complete cleanliness:
Even hard-to-reach areas in the rims can be reached easily using the brush set. When used together with the acid-free wheel cleaner, even the most stubborn dirt, such as brake abrasion particles, can be removed easily. Material compatibility with peripheral components is always guaranteed.

Optimal protection:
The special components of the tyre cleaner penetrate particularly deeply into the rubber and keep the tyre permanently clean, thereby preventing fading or brittleness.

Quick cleaning solution:
The window cleaner removes dirt and soiling. It reliably and quickly removes all stubborn blinding and oily films on the windscreen and is extremely economical.

Usage world-wide:
Suitable for use in all countries except China and Russia.

Recommendation on usage

Cleaning clay.

A clean start. The cleaning clay removes the finest particles of dirt from the paint surface. It even removes palpable deposits. For deep-pore cleaning and optimum pretreatment.

Part No.: PCG90101340

Care instructions (PDF; 12,6 MB)

Paintwork polish.

A brilliant base. The paintwork polish can be used on all types of paint surfaces and paint generations. High-quality results are achieved thanks to the abrasive grains with their consistent, uniform structure. This prevents micro-scratches and gives surfaces an even finish. The abrasive grains are manufactured without plastic.

Part No.: PCG90101440

Care instructions (PDF; 12,6 MB)

Hard wax.

Perfect results. Long-term preservation and the best possible protection. Hard wax provides both for your classic car. The reason: It contains over 40% wax from the carnauba plant, the hardest natural wax in the world - yet it is easy to use.

Part No.: PCG90101540

Wax pad
Part No.: PCG90101240

Care instructions (PDF; 12,6 MB)


Products in the Car Care Set

Timeless. Just like your classic car.

The 17-piece Porsche Classic Car Care Set is available from your Porsche Classic Partner and in your Porsche Centre by requesting Part No. PCG90101040.

If you run out of any of the products, you can re-order it individually or in the set so that your Car Care Set is always complete.

Car shampoo
Wheel cleaner
Wheel cleaner with brush set
Hard wax
Plastic cleaner
Chamois leather
Microfibre cloth
Paintwork polish
Tyre cleaner
Cleaning clay
Window cleaner
Wax pad
Three-piece sponge set