Porsche Assistance Q&A

Porsche Assistance Q&A

Is the vehicle rescue free of charge?

New cars enjoy free rescue for 3 years from the date of delivery by the authorized Porsche Center. Vehicles with a Porsche Approved Warranty can also enjoy free rescue within the period indicated in the warranty. You will need to provide your VIN to prove eligibility.

Can the vehicle be rescued free of charge if it cannot be driven due to a traffic accident which is completely the other driver’s fault?

If the vehicle cannot be driven due to a traffic accident, free rescue is available during the warranty period.

Under what circumstances can follow-up services be used free of charge?

If the repair cannot be completed on the same day the vehicle is towed to the Porsche Center by the official rescue operator, or if the Porsche Center has closed for business, the follow-up services can be used.

Can I apply to the rescue center for reimbursement if I arrange a hotel stay or rent a car myself, after my vehicle is towed to the Porsche Center by the official rescue center.

Expenses incurred in such cases will not be reimbursed. Please do not arrange any mobility services by yourself or through a Porsche Center.

After the vehicle is repaired, if it is not convenient for me to collect it from the Porsche Centre by myself, can a trailer be arranged to tow the vehicle back?

After repair of the vehicle, we will cover the travel expenses for one person to collect it. If you are unable to collect it yourself, Porsche Assistance can arrange transportation for the repaired vehicle. If the cost of transportation exceeds what would have been the cost of your travel to collect the car from the Porsche Center, you will be liable to pay the difference.