Porsche Assistance Service Contents

Porsche Assistance Service Contents

If your vehicle has a traffic accident, breaks down or is stolen, in line with the corresponding terms and conditions, Porsche Assistance will be responsible for arranging and paying for the following services: simple mechanical repair at the roadside, battery failure, fuel problem, tire failure, vehicle theft, key problem, trailer service and repair, taxi benefits, vehicle custody, mobility benefits.

If the repair cannot be completed on the same day the vehicle is towed to the Porsche Center by the official rescue operator, or if the Porsche Center has closed for business, you can select any of the three options below to reduce your inconvenience: 

Onward transport

If you wish to continue your journey to your planned destination, we will organize and pay for the most appropriate method of onward transport. This option may include, but is not limited to: first class rail travel (journey below 1000 km) or economy air travel (journey above 1000 km), taxi (if more convenient and less expensive than the train journey) and any taxi or public transport costs incurred by you in collecting tickets.

Car hire*

If you decide that you would rather have a replacement vehicle, we will organize and pay for a replacement rental car while your Porsche is being repaired, up to a maximum period of 5 days. Furthermore, you will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of the rental provider. These will include items such as possession of a valid driving license, credit card, deposit etc. Naturally, vehicle damage, penalties for traffic offences and fuel costs for the replacement will be handled by you.

Hotel accommodation**

If your Porsche is involved in a traffic accident or breaks down away from your usual residence, and cannot be repaired on the same day, you can choose to remain at the location to wait for the repairs to be completed. If this necessitates an unscheduled hotel stay, we will organize and pay for up to 5 nights of 5-star hotel accommodation for the driver and the maximum number of passengers that the vehicle is legally allowed to carry. The same applies if your Porsche is stolen from a location other than where you live.

Please note: The above information is for reference only. Please refer to the latest "Porsche Assistance Service Manual" for detailed terms and scope of protection.

*Please note: Due to the conditions of service, the replacement vehicles currently available for Porsche Assistance are executive level; Any extension beyond the 5 days’ coverage period will be your responsibility.

**Please note: This includes only room rate, breakfast and tax. Additional charges such as telephone call charges, room service, etc. must be paid by you before you check out.