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Porsche - Principle 5

Principle 5

At Porsche we take compliance with all applicable environmental directives for granted. Continuous improvement of operational environmental protection has high priority.

The increasing stringency of the limit values for exhaust and noise emissions and the introduction of new directives mean that products must be constantly refined in terms of their environmental compatibility. The fulfillment of all worldwide environmental requirements is a precondition for the continued existence of our company.

One striking example of this is our paint shop: In 1986 we commissioned one of the most modern paint shops in the car industry at that time at our Zuffenhausen site. It required an investment of 18,4 million Euro. Waste water and exhaust air cleaning complied with the highest contemporary standards. Five years later we started the conversion of the paint process to water-soluble paint systems - in compliance with the changed legal requirements. The complete conversion to water-based paint technology required further investments of 7,1 million Euro. This guaranteed that we would safely comply with the statutory emissions limits.