Bose® & Burmester®
Symphony of Performance - The Porsche Soundsystems
Symphony of Performance
The Porsche Soundsystems

We like to set new standards. Including acoustic ones, with the sound systems. The Porsche Sound Systems make every journey a first-class sound experience. Developed by sound enthusiasts for sound enthusiasts.

Burmester® is one of the most respected premium audio manufacturers worldwide. The Burmester® High-End Surround Sound System owes its eminence to countless details, and one goal: perfection in sound. It transforms sound waves into unique sensory stimuli and music into an exclusive sound experience. The result is an unprecedented rich and natural sound, even at high volumes.

The way a Porsche sounds is akin to an acoustic fingerprint, and that’s not only true for the engine. That's why the optional BOSE® Surround Sound System, which is perfectly tuned to the specific interior acoustics of each model, was specially developed for Porsche. The BOSE® Surround Sound System results in a balanced acoustic pattern and transforms a vehicle into a concert hall.

Bose® Surround Sound-System

Porsche - Bose® & Burmester® Porsche - Bose® & Burmester® Porsche - Bose® & Burmester®

• 710 W total output
• 14 loudspeakers including a 160 W passive subwoofer box
• 14 amplifier channels
• AudioPilot® Noise Compensation
• SoundTrue® Enhancement Technology

The given data refers to the Panamera and the new Cayenne fully equipped with the BOSE system.


Bose SoundTrue™ Enhancement Technology

Bose SoundTrue™ Enhancement Technology counteracts the known issues of compressed music. It brings compressed audio tracks back to life by restoring high frequency content and widening the sound stage that often collapses in the course of compression. (As a result) listeners can enjoy greater fidelity from a wide variety of sources, allowing them to fully leverage the performance of their Bose sound system. (Without having to work with complex settings.)


Bose digital 5.1. Processing

This technology unlocks the full benefit of digital, 5.1-channel recordings for an experience previously reserved for cinemas and home cinemas.

The right sound – inside and outside

Burmester® 3D High-End Surround Sound-System

Porsche - Bose® & Burmester® Porsche - Bose® & Burmester® Porsche - Bose® & Burmester®

• 1,455 W total output
• 21 loudspeakers including active subwoofer with 400 W class D digital amplifier
• 2-way center system
• More than 2,500 cm² total diaphragm surface area
• Second-generation AMT tweeters
• Sound enhancer
• Illuminated loudspeaker trims

The given data refers to the Panamera and the new Cayenne fully equipped with the Burmester system.


The Auro-3D-Sound and Sound Enhancer

The Burmester® AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeters used exclusively by Porsche in its cars deliver an increase in efficiency of six decibels. The voice quality of the hands-free facility as well as the navigation system benefits from the center channel of the sound system, which features two-way technology and is equipped with an AMT loudspeaker. This permits clear sound development and guarantees realistic reproduction of instruments and voices.

Fully active control of the 21 loudspeakers is assumed by highly efficient class D amplifiers. “The class D design results in a much smaller power loss and even more peak power in the respective bass channel. What this means overall is an even more dynamic, even more emotive music experience”, explains Renz. The Burmester® Sound System also achieves a new record with a power-to-weight ratio of just 0.02 lb/W, making it ideal for sports cars.

Other features of the Burmester® 3D High-End Surround Sound System are a “Smooth” function for comfort during extended periods of listening, a variable 3D function, and the option to focus on a specific seat. All loudspeaker chassis are perfectly coordinated with each other and deliver the highest level of bass, resolution, and impulse consistency. The overall result is a rich and natural surround sound, even at high volumes.


Efficiency and dynamics

„Now we are not only capable to reproduce music very loud and efficient, but also able to capture the dynamic of the music and convey its vitality. The Auro 3D sound and the sound enhancer bring a clear added value that every customer can experience immediately.“


Visual highlight

The speakers will be surrounded in white lights – in combination with the option ambient lighting – in a choice of 7 colors.


Experience the Porsche sound

The music services of the Connect app mean that your musical journey starts when you choose the music program. In the same way as you configure your Porsche according to your preferences, the radio program adapts itself to your listening habits: similar tracks are played based on your favorite genres, artists, and songs. Apple CarPlayTM also allows you to access your iPhone® apps in your Porsche. This lets you use premium music services such as Spotify®, Napster®, or Pandora® while on the road to create an even more personal musical program and access millions of tracks.