Porsche - Corporate Culture
Corporate Culture

People are the real engine

Our company is centered on its people. Whether it’s Porsche’s racing heritage, pinpoint precision engineering or groundbreaking innovation, Porsche’s accolades stem from the imaginative work of its employees.

At Porsche, creativity and courage are required, but they are also promoted. And we know that our employees make use of the opportunities they are given.

Porsche Cars North America offers career development opportunities, a robust benefit package and work/life integration initiatives that set it apart in the North American market. Its state-of-the-art facility near the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport is the setting for Hollywood blockbusters and industry-changing advancements alike, and gives its employees the setting to create.

Strategy 2025

As part of its Strategy 2025, Porsche is even more focused on how to foster diversity and inclusion, development and advancement for its employees in Atlanta. Integrating new initiatives that are aimed at creating a robust benefits package for employees, career development opportunities and work/life integration advancements to ensure our employees maintain that essential Porsche Passion are helping Porsche lead the way into the future of employment.

Our size and organizational structure allows short communication routes and decision-making, as well as a pragmatic solution to problems that occur. It allow for cooperation between different departments, creating a range of opportunities in which employees are able to contribute.

PCNA’s commitment to the community and people of Atlanta will extends beyond 2025 setting us apart in our market and in the world over.