Porsche Dealer Application

Dear applicants,

Thank you for your interest in joining the Porsche Dealer Network!

To give you a better understanding of our selection process, we would like to provide you with this brief introduction of our Porsche dealership selection process.

Our selection process includes 5 stages:

Step 1. Data Collection
Step 2. Pre-selection
Step 3. Onsite Check
Step 4. Final Interview
Step 5. Potential Investor of Porsche Dealership Announcement (Letter of Intent)

Submitting your application is only the preparation for the first stage in our selection process - Data Collection.

Before you submit your application, please read carefully the basic requirements for a qualified applicant.

Minimum Applying Qualification:

  1. Ability to inspire the confidence and trust in the Porsche brand, and have the intense desire to operate a Porsche Centre.
  2. Considerable experience in operating imported luxury automotive 4S dealerships in the applied city.
  3. Thorough understanding of the automotive market in the applied city.
  4. Guarantee a minimum spend of no less than 8,000~10,000 RMB per construction square meter for the Porsche Centre construction and the equipment/tools.
  5. Ensure sufficient registered capital for the Porsche Centre according to Porsche China’s requirements.
  6. Ensure the proposed land has excellent visibility and high traffic flow.
  7. Ensure the minimum land size/footprint/parking size for the Porsche Centre is in accordance with the specific city requirements below.
  8. Ensure the official redline map and land parameters (including: plot ratio, density, green ratio, building height limit, setback, etc.) are available from the local planning bureau or written in land purchasing / leasing LOI from the local government for the proposed land.

If you think you meet all of the above requirements, you may proceed in our selection process. In order to provide a better understanding of the applicant or the applicant company, please prepare all the required documents carefully, as they are the basis on which we will evaluate your application.

Required Documents for Application:

  1. “Dealer Application Data” sheet (completely filled out).
  2. Scan of applicant (namely as investor) (s)’s ID and applicant company (namely as investment company)’s Business License.
  3. The investor and the investment company’s introduction, which should include: investor’s background, investment company’s background, investment company’s automotive experience and performance, target area’s market analysis, motivation for joining Porsche Dealer Network and proposed land.

Rules for Submission:

  1. The email account Dealer-Application@porsche.cn is the official and only email account for the applicant or the applicant company to communicate with Porsche China.
  2. All documents mentioned above must be submitted in both English and Chinese versions and submitted via your company email account to Dealer-Application@porsche.cn.
  3. A completed application must include all the documents mentioned on our website and be sent in PDF format.
  4. The completed application must be sent before the submission deadline.
  5. The core competence shall be evaluated and a maximum of 2 applications (2 cities) are suggested to be submitted per half year by an applicant.
  6. Only the application submitted by the investor or the investment company directly will be considered. The applications through agency or intermediary person will have a negative impact on the investor evaluation.
  7. Any change in the applicant information (shareholding structure/company profile/business license, etc.) after your submission and during the investor selection process, please inform Porsche China immediately in writing or via email (Dealer-Application@porsche.cn).

Applicants may not be considered if any of the rules above cannot be met. Upon reception of your application, we will notify you via email regarding receipt and completeness of your application. If you have not received any reply within three working days after submitting your application, please contact Dealer-Application@porsche.cn again. Furthermore, you will be notified of your application status via email in each stage of the investor selection process. We do not accept any kind of visit without invitation.


Porsche takes the principles of fairness and compliance very seriously. Porsche rejects all forms of corruption and does not tolerate corrupt practices by its employees or business partners.
Applicants must not offer or give any gifts or other benefits to Porsche employees or third parties in an attempt to influence the selection process. Where Applicants are approached with inappropriate requests for gifts or benefits or are offered confidential information about the selection process, they are required to report this immediately to Porsche Compliance Help Desk: Contact details of Porsche Local Compliance Help Desk:
Phone: +021 6058 5001
(Note: this whistleblower hotline is not for general application enquiries. For dealer application process, please refer to the section “Rules for Submission” above in this Porsche Dealer Application.)
Email: compliance@porsche.cn
Porsche deals with information carefully and prohibits disclosing confidential information without authorization. Final selected investor will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and treat all and any information and documents disclosed by Porsche to them in strictest confidence. In addition, applicants must not, either during the selection process, or at any time thereafter, improperly use or disclose confidential information provided relating to the selection process (if any) to any third party.
Applicants will be disqualified from the selection process if they do not comply with the above requirements.

Please be noted that by sending your application you are acknowledging that the qualification and requirements listed here are the minimum requirement for your application. Porsche China will select the most suitable applicant at its sole discretion.

Open Cities & Deadline:

You may apply to join the Porsche Dealer Network in following cities before the correspondence deadlines. For further updated information, please visit our website periodically. However, the cities listed below may be changed and the order may be rearranged according to local market condition and economic situation.

City Submission DeadlineApprox. Land Size (Range)
Length * width in meter
Approx. Building Size
In square meter
Approx. Building Area
In square meter
Guiyang (Guizhou) September 30th, 2021(100 – 107) * (70 - 75)3,700 – 4,5005,000 – 5,500

We look forward to receiving your application.

Investor Selection Committees’ Office

Best regards,

Network Management and Development Department
Porsche China Motors Ltd.

Dealer Application Data (PDF; 0.2 MB)