Mobile Educational Training & Resource Units

Porsche reaffirmed its strong support for UNICEF by donating over 10 million RMB to its new education initiative in Sichuan and Gansu. Porsche provided four Cayenne SUVs to UNICEF to serve as Mobile Educational Training and Resource Units in remote areas affected by the devastating earthquakes of 2008.

The modified Porsche Cayenne vehicles, with outstanding off-road ability and extensive storage capacity, will support UNICEF’s Mobile Educational Training and Resource Units Programme by transporting training and teaching resources to areas affected by the 2008 disaster. These all-terrain SUVs will be extremely useful tools in bringing aid to under-equipped rural teachers, returning a degree of normalcy to the lives of children in hard to reach rural communities.

Designated as Mobile Educational Training and Resource Units, the Porsche Cayenne SUVs will carry trained staff and other resources such as teacher training and teaching kits, student packs, library resources, and sports equipment to isolated regions along the border of the Sichuan and Gansu provinces. The four Cayenne will withstand difficult conditions and traverse mountainous terrain in order to reach schools which are normally too isolated to receive regular aid and support. Psychosocial assistance and sanitation/health education materials will also be supplied, accompanied by experts and support staff from the Ministry of Education.

In addition to the four Cayenne SUVs, Porsche will contribute a total of 10.2 million RMB to the Mobile Educational Training and Resources Units Programme, which is expected to benefit 500 project schools across four counties in the Sichuan and Gansu provinces. The programme will train 3,000 teachers and improve the quality of education of approximately 55,000 students.

On Oct.19th 2010, Chief Executive Officer of Porsche China Mr. Broeker, Porsche China senior management team, UNICEF Representative to China Dr. Yin Yin Nwe visited 3 primary schools ( Malu Primary School, Louzixiang Primary School, Hongguang Primary School) at Qingchun County, along with METRU training staff. The field visit program included student reading activities, teaching class demonstrations by using the METRU resource kits. The Porsche Cayenne SUV vehicle, with outstanding off-road ability and extensive storage capacity, plays an important role in the smooth implementation of the METRU programme.

The local educational department as well as the local schools gave high appraise to the METRU programme. The most obvious advantage of this programme is that the resource training staff could provide on-site teaching class demonstration and coaching. As a result, local school teachers and students can benefit more from such an interactive teaching method.

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