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Porsche Zycus Registration Process

Becoming a Porsche supplier: Zycus Platform: What does that mean?

Porsche utilizes Zycus Supplier Network for potential supplier registration. You will become an onboarded supplier by a multi-stage registration process. As a user, you will have access to activated applications and information services.

The registration process consists of 9 steps which you need to complete as a prospective partner of Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. and its Affiliates.

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1. Create a Zycus account
At the first step you need to create an account with Zycus, or sign in with your existing Zycus account login and password. A confirmation email will be sent from Zycus Supplier NETWORK <>. Select the activation link in the email to register to do business with Porsche.

2. Enter your company data
Enter your company contact details data into the form sheet. Please make sure that the company name is written correctly.

3. Accept the Porsche Nondisclosure Terms & Conditions
Please review and accept the Porsche nondisclosure terms and conditions to continue.

4. Provide requested Company Details
Please thoroughly complete the form data, and attach copies of required documentation where appropriate. The information provided will be used to vet potential suppliers during the sourcing process.

5. Provide DUNS Number
It is mandatory that you also complete the Duns Number for each North American Porsche entity that you intend to supply products and services.

6. Provide Applicable Quality and Diversity Certificate Information where Required.
Please be thorough. The information provided will be used to vet potential suppliers during the sourcing process.

7. Fill the Address Details for all of your Business Locations
The Zycus Supplier Database is the business card of your company for Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. Here you have to fill in further information, for instance, contact person(s), and the business areas. Important Note: The Company Code sub-tab is where you associate your company’s location to a Porsche entity. For example if you have selected to do business with Porsche Cars North America and Porsche Cars Canada, then you must link the appropriate address and contact details for doing business with each location. Copy and paste the appropriate address information from the ‘All Locations’ tab, and link them for respective Porsche entity.

8. Fill in required Product and Services
Several categories and sub-categories may be entered. Please be thorough. The information provided will be used to vet potential suppliers during the sourcing process.

Thank you! Your information will be registered in the Porsche Supplier database and you will be contacted if an opportunity arises.

10. Banking and Payment Information
When an Affiliate finds a suitable opportunity for your company, you may be asked to feed your payment and banking information and this process within Porsche world is called vendor on boarding.

Terms and Conditions (PDF; 0.1 MB)


In case of any issues, please contact Zycus helpdesk at

In case of any business related issues, please contact Porsche Procurement at

Toll Free Numbers (Country Specific Numbers)
• North America: +1 800-409-3507 | +1 866-363-6625
• International: 00-800-9928-7111 | 00-800-9928-7000