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Shopping and Accessories

Driver’s Selection Online Shop

At Porsche, quality and design concepts go far, far beyond just sports cars. Exclusive accessories and stylish fashion are all available for you in our Porsche Driver's Selection: Fashion from the sporty to the elegant, top quality, timeless product ranges: Luggage, Lifestyle, Games and Sport.

Interested in stickers, badges, calendars or model cars? An extensive range of small accessories and gadgets that tell people how much you love Porsche is available here as well.

And everything can be ordered online and delivered to your home so that you can enjoy a little more Porsche in your life.

Online Experience

Want to immerse yourself in the world of Porsche? You can do that on our website. To get a taste of limitless driving pleasure online, have a look at our gallery pages for the Porsche models. Download a Porsche screensaver for your monitor, or choose from a range of exciting wallpapers. Interactively enjoy the performance, sound and driving dynamics of our cars. And if you want to please your friends, you're sure to make them happy by sending them a Porsche e-card.

Tequipment and Exclusive

You can also make your car an expression of yourself. Check out the Tequipment and Exclusive sections for information on accessories and personalization - discover how you can create a Porsche that's even more unique.