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Australia’s first 911 Carrera police car Porsche continues community partnership with NSW Police Force

The very first Porsche 911 Carrera police car for Australia will cruise the roads of New South Wales as Porsche Cars Australia (PCA) takes its successful community partnership programme with the NSW Police Force into its third year.

The striking blue and white 911 Carrera received its design inspiration from close to 60 competition entries from local and international students throughout NSW university, tertiary campuses and high schools.

The partnership between Porsche and the NSW Police is helping drive the Force’s community engagement activities. Since the partnership began in 2012 the Force has used a special liveried Porsche to attend more than 300 community events throughout the state, where the fascination of a Porsche in police decals is helping to break the ice especially with youths in disadvantaged areas.

Public displays and a strong social media campaign has helped score great results for the NSW Police Force, with almost 1,000,000 hits on the Force’s facebook page directly related to the Porsche alone.

“The last two years we have sought to create a unique programme where we could effectively engage our community on a regular basis,” says NSW Police Force Superintendent Alan Sicard.

“Up until now our partnership with Porsche has been with its Panamera sedan. Swapping into an eye-catching 911 Carrera will up the ante to become an even more effective means to enable social dialogue.”

The Porsche police car is run and operated out of the NSW Police Force’s Harbourside Local Area Command but shared with other Commands. The car is owned, operated and serviced by Porsche with the NSW Police responsible only for fuel and tollway costs.

Porsche takes its corporate social responsibility activities very seriously,” says PCA Managing Director, Sam Curtis.

“This partnership is cost effective and successful for both Porsche and the Police which is exactly the outcome each of us desires.”

The two-door 911 Carrera is powered by a 257 kW flat-six cylinder engine and can reach the general highway legal speed limit (100 km/h) from standstill in 4.8 seconds.

“Although the 911 might make an ideal Police response car in some people’s eyes, the true value of the sporty Carrera in police decals is that it will draw attention and curiosity with younger folk especially which is exactly what we aim to achieve,” says Superintendent Sicard.