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Ferrytales – a Porsche book of a special kindFerrytales is a new, special Porsche book containing numerous previously unreleased photographs.

Porsche fans will be delighted with this oversized book which has the character of a giant photo album. It revolves around Ferry Porsche and his automobile-focussed life – a subjective retrospective by the author Susanne Porsche who very much admired her father-in-law.

Readers will experience Ferry Porsche from a new perspective because they are offered first-hand information. The short texts tell of numerous details from the private life of Ferry Porsche, for instance letting us in on his habit of taking a ten-minute afternoon nap followed by a cup of mocha. An even more moving and in-depth insight into the private life of Porsche is provided by the photographs: Ferry Porsche in his free time, Ferry Porsche travelling, Ferry Porsche with his grandson.

And of course the cars that were built during the Ferry Porsche era get their fair share, too. They are so ingeniously embedded that browsing through the book becomes a particularly emotional experience for the true Porsche enthusiast. You’ve only just finished admiring a large photograph of a Porsche 911 at full speed when, upon turning the page, you suddenly find yourself transported into Porsche’s living room – these cleverly engineered scene changes add a further allure to the book.

The further the reader progresses, the deeper he delves into the past: the book begins with Ferry Porsche’s death. One thus ends up with the portrait of a youngster who, as we all know, will grow up to become a great man.

The book, which at 150 euro really is an investment, is published as part of the Collection Rolf Heyne. It contains 700 photographs on its 700 pages – some of the pictures in unnatural colours or with coloured graphical elements, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Ferrytales by Susanne Porsche, in German, Collection Rolf Heyne, ISBN 3-89910-278-9