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Porsche and Social Responsibility

Porsche and Social Responsibility


Porsche focuses its activities in the world of sport on the "Porsche Tennis Grand Prix“. The Tennis Grand Prix is one of 20 premier tournaments held worldwide on the WTA circuit. It has been held in Stuttgart's Porsche Arena since 2006. Porsche also supports the German women's tennis team ("Porsche Team Deutschland") and sponsors various sports teams in Baden-Württemberg and Saxony.


Porsche AG focuses its cultural involvement firstly on its premium partnership with the Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig, which was officially launched back at the end of the financial year 2011, and secondly on a similar form of cooperation established with the Stuttgart Ballet in the financial year 2012. Both of these cultural establishments, located at two of Porsche Deutschland's production locations, have an outstanding global reputation. Both the orchestra and the ballet act as special "Porsche ambassadors" when performing on tours around the world.

Education and Science

Porsche AG has long had a very extensive educational programme in place for children, young people and students, aimed not only at making the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) more attractive, but also at encouraging and supporting the least affluent among them, in the spirit of equal opportunities. Porsche is interested not only in training its own potential new recruits of the future, but more fundamentally in safeguarding a future generation of employees who will be in a position to carry out jobs which benefit society as a whole.

Porsche AG is also keen to cooperate much more closely with universities in the field of education and science, with the dual aim of producing qualified new recruits for the future and gaining relevant insights for its own product development. The many scholarships awarded by Porsche AG at over 10 selected universities throughout Germany since 2012 ("Deutschlandstipendium") are a good example of how the company supports students. In addition, on 9 July 2013 the "Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG Chair of Strategic Management and Family Businesses" was established at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

Social Involvement

Porsche has a long history of supporting social, sporting and cultural establishments and projects at its company locations.

One of the most outstanding examples of the company's involvement in the social arena is a large and long-term flagship project in cooperation with Stiftung Deutsche Kinder-, Jugend- und Elterntelefone, which operates the "Nummer gegen Kummer“ helpline providing advice to children, young people and parents.

Porsche also operates a "Kids Driving School“ to help teach children about road safety. The aim is to ensure that children learn from an early age to behave safely on the road and to alert them to the potential dangers. That means not only knowing about road signs and rules, but also about how to behave safely and respond quickly. Find out more at www.kidsdrivingschool.de.

Porsche AG also provides funding for "Trott!War“, a street newspaper based in south-west Germany, thereby supporting a regional institution which enables socially disadvantaged people to re-enter the labour force and society by selling newspapers and participating in other activities.

International Social Involvement

Porsche also intends to place a greater emphasis in future on its CSR activities in international markets. For example, the company has begun to support the organisation "Un Techo Para Mi Pais“ ("A Roof for my Country“) in several Latin American countries, with the aim of helping the most socially disadvantaged to find a new permanent home and be integrated into society.

In China, Porsche has provided funding for the programme "Mobile Educational and Training Resource Units (METRU)“ run in cooperation with UNICEF, which is aimed at ensuring that socially disadvantaged children and young people can receive training and improve their future job prospects.

In the Philippines, the company has cooperated for many years with the Don Bosco Technical Institute, which has led to the establishment of the first Porsche "Training and Recruitment Centre“ in Asia. Up to 40 socially disadvantaged young people each year receive specialist training for the automotive sector and are later employed in Porsche Centres throughout the world.