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Porsche - Special Exhibition
Porsche - Special Exhibition
Porsche - Special Exhibition
Porsche - Special Exhibition
Porsche - Special Exhibition
Porsche - Special Exhibition
Porsche - Special Exhibition

Special Exhibition

Extended until November 9, 2013
50 Years of the Porsche 911

The Porsche 911, the sports car with iconic status, has reached the ripe old age of 50. For half a century now, the Porsche 911 has been revered as an iconic automobile and the very epitome of the sports car. After all, the 911 is much more than simply a motor vehicle. It is a cult object that raises the heartbeat of car enthusiasts all over the world even before it gets into gear. More than 820,000 911s have been produced since it was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963.

Still until November 9th, 2013 the extensive special exhibition "50 years of the 911" will show a very unique retrospective of the history of the Porsche 911. Over 40 different versions of the 911 will be put on display and will tell the unique and exciting story of this sports car series. The range starts from the "Urelfer" and continues all the way into the present including rare series models and race cars as well as numerous prototypes, which are being presented to the public for the very first time. Brochures, advertisements and posters from the archives of the Porsche-Museum complete the journey through the history of 50 years of the 911.

The starting point of the “50 Years of 911” special exhibition highlights the development stages of the 901 type as well as a replica of its first-ever presentation at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in 1963. In addition, film footage of the first 911 test drive will be shown. 50 stories all around the topic of the 911 will then guide the visitors through the exhibition. Among other things, the 911 fan will learn how the sports car got its model designation. Advertising messages, quotes from Ferry Porsche, highlights from the racing history as well as anecdotes from the early development stages point the way for the visitor through the history of the 911.

More than 40 exhibits in the anniversary exhibition show the wide product range of the 911 from its beginnings to our present day. A 911 R can be admired by fans, of which no more than 19 units were produced in 1967 for a small circle of top-notch private drivers as well as for the Porsche factory itself. A 911 Carrera RSR is on exhibit, with which the sports car manufacturer heralded in a new era in customer sports car racing. One 934 model from 1976 that was part of the field of starters in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, continuing right up to 1982, also contributes to the exhibition. Alongside the original 911 of 1964 and other anniversary models, there are unusual and prominent 911 cars to be discovered. An armoured 911 (996) with safety glass is presented alongside a 911 Carrera, whose former owner was the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. Among many other things, motor sports fans can delight in the first Carrera Cup model from 1990, a 911 Carrera Cup (964) as well as one 911 GT3 RS 4.0.

Anniversary specials for museum visitors and 911 drivers

Free admission
All 911 drivers plus one accompanying person, upon presentation of the vehicle registration at the box office of the Porsche Museum, have free admission from June 4 to September 29, 2013. The Porsche Museum also foregoes any admission price for visitors who have been born in 1963 and can prove it by presenting their ID.

Museum shop
The museum shop will have a selection of special 911 items for sale: Soon the in-house publishers “Edition Porsche Museum” is putting out a book entitled “911x911” in the anniversary year of the Eleven; it will be available in five languages in the shop of the Porsche Museum and costs 39.90 euro. A Bordeaux with the fine-sounding name of “Rouge Pérou” has been bottled exclusively for the Porsche Museum and can be had there for 29.00 euro. The designation of “Rosso Bordeaux” has been taken from the 911 colour table – in French, it's “Rouge Pérou.” Alongside small items like 911 sheet-metal cards and a cutting board with the design of the 911 silhouette, the museum keeps vehicle miniatures for model car fans on hand. Posters depicting 50 production cars and race cars (for 19.00 euro each) round off the anniversary range of offers.