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The eighties


The Porsche 924 Carrera GT (210bhp/154kW) offers even more power than the 911, the 911 SC now featuring a 204bhp/150kW engine. The 928 remains unchanged, but is joined by the 928 S developing maximum output of 300bhp/221kW from 4664cc.


On goes the trend to even more power and performance, the 924 Turbo now featuring a 177bhp/130kW power unit. The 911 Turbo remains unchanged. At the Frankfurt Motor Show Porsche presents a concept Turbo Cabriolet (with four-wheel drive).


Porsche extends the range by introducing the 944 based on the 924 but featuring even wider wheel arches and a four-cylinder Porsche engine (2479cc, 163bhp/120 kW) - basically speaking half the 8-cylinder in the 928. The new model has a clear effect on sales of the 924, which start to go down for the first time.


After almost 20 years Porsche returns to a real convertible, the 911 SC Cabriolet becoming a best seller right from the start. Output of the 928 S is increased moderately to 310bhp/228kW.


The Company's success curve points upwards, the 924 and 944 remaining the best-selling models. The 928 S becomes even more powerful.


The ultimate Porsche gets introduced, the high tech car 959 with a four valve boxer engine, watercooled clinderheads, all wheel drive, with exciting power(2850cc, 450bhp/331kW) an at a price of 420.000 Mark. Over 200 cars were built in the following years. The 924 becomes the 924 S with the four cylinder Porsche engine (2479cc, 150bhp/110kW).


Output of the 924 S models increases to 160bhp/118kW.