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Porsche - Tour of production operations

Tour of production operations

The production sequence

Production of the Porsche 911 and the Boxster begins in the bodyshop. The supplied sheet-metal panels are assembled into bodies here and then transferred to the paint shop. The next stage is vehicle assembly.

The assembly and final assembly process at Porsche AG is carried out over three storeys. This multi-storey production set-up results from the given layout at the Zuffenhausen factory. Sophisticated transport concepts are required in order to convey the vehicles from cockpit assembly on the second floor to final assembly on the ground floor. The solution involves transporting the vehicles alternately on so-called skid conveyors and via a suspended conveyor belt. In between the storeys, the vehicles are lowered via a lifting system and turned to the direction of travel for the new storey. This step facilitates assembly operations for the personnel, who are thus able to work in the direction of travel.

Each Porsche is produced according to individual customer requirements. In order to cope with the large number of different variants, the assembly components for each specific car are supplied to the assembly line on picking trolleys. Complicated items such as cockpit, engine, chassis, wheels and doors are produced in pre-assembly areas and supplied to the assembly line just in time by means of a so-called driverless transport system. Instead of having to concern themselves with obtaining the appropriate materials, the assembly line personnel move around in their assembly areas on the skid platform and are able to concentrate fully on the assembly process.

The production sequences offer a high degree of process reliability and flexibility and are subject to ongoing optimisation. Porsche's production personnel play a central role here, as they are responsible for the quality of the products and thus ultimately for customer satisfaction.