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Porsche party celebrating 50 Years of 911 stops traffic911 celebration convoy a success

Over 100 Porsche 911s forming a convoy 1.5 kilometres long streamed across Sydney Harbour Bridge last Sunday morning as Australia gave its birthday gift to Porsche headquarters in Germany in recognition of “50 Years of 911“.

A lane of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was reserved for the special parade, with the Porsche NSW Police Panamera leading the convoy of 911s in turn led by the ‘World Tour 911’ – a pristine 1967 model from the Porsche Museum.

An internationally renowned Australian icon was needed for the global celebrations with Sydney’s famed harbour bridge deemed the obvious choice.

‘50 Years of 911’ celebrations have so far been held in Paris, Geneva, Stuttgart, Shanghai, London and Sao Paolo – but none have been as ambitious or as audacious as closing off a section of one of Australia’s busiest roads.

The Porsche parade included the rare, the exotic, the unique and the very fast – from the second customer 911 delivered into Australia in 1965, to two of the famed 1973 Carrera RS, a svelte white 964 Speedster from 1993 and one of only a few 911 GT2 RS from 2010.  The combined value of the 911s participating was above $15m.

Some Porsche enthusiasts travelled over 200 kilometres to take part in the drive which took 15 minutes to complete; starting at Millers Point and ending at Taronga Zoo.