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About Porsche Genuine Parts

Every Porsche is a high-performance Sports Car. Optimum interaction and perfect functioning of all components are crucial for ensuring the superior performance of a Porsche. This is the job of our engineers, who employ the same precision and passion when developing even the smallest of components as they do for the overall vehicle.

One of the biggest challenges in the development process is wear. With a high-quality spare part, wear tends to be slow, even and controlled. Rapid, uneven and uncontrolled wear is often the result of poor product quality, improper fit and insufficient adaptation.

Porsche Genuine Parts from Porsche Service guarantee the same superior performance and quality as series production, giving you the same unique driving experience that you enjoyed on the very first day. The high fit accuracy of Porsche Genuine Parts makes them the perfect match for your vehicle. This means that parts last longer, are less susceptible to wear and guarantee optimum retention of your vehicle’s value.