Rounds 3 & 4 – Donington Park

Overall result

111Tio ELLINASPosrche - ProCYP23
28Dino ZAMPARELLIPosrche - ProGBR23
333Dan HARPERPosrche - ProGBR23
419Tom WRIGLEYPosrche - ProGBR23
577Lewis PLATOPosrche - ProGBR23
655Dan VAUGHANPosrche - Pro/AmGBR23
732George GAMBLEPosrche - ProGBR23
871Jamie ORTONPosrche - Pro/AmGBR23
996Will BRATTPosrche - ProGBR23
102Rory COLLINGBOURNEPosrche - Pro/AmGBR23
1166Seb PEREZPosrche - Pro/AmGBR23
127Justin SHERWOODPosrche - Pro/AmGBR23
1327David SHAWPosrche - AmGBR23
143Esmee HAWKEYPosrche - Pro/AmGBR22
1522Peter KYLE-HENNEYPosrche - AmGBR22
1618Gary EASTWOODPosrche - AmGBR22
1784Richard HAWKENPosrche - AmGBR22
1843James KAYEPosrche - ProGBR22
195Fraser ROBERTSONPosrche - AmGBR22
2023Iain DOCKERILLPosrche - AmGBR22
DNF44Peter MANGIONPosrche - AmGBR22
DNF35Steve GALESPosrche - AmGBR15
DNF31Shamus JENNINGSPosrche - AmGBR9
PosNo.NameClassNationalityLapsFast Lap Avg. Speed
177Lewis PLATOPosrche - ProGBR33105.52
219Tom WRIGLEYPosrche - ProGBR33105.99
38Dino ZAMPARELLIPosrche - ProGBR33106.01
411Tio ELLINASPosrche - ProCYP33105.46
596Will BRATTPosrche - ProGBR33104.59
671Jamie ORTONPosrche - Pro/AmGBR33104.85
733Dan HARPERPosrche - ProGBR33104.94
866Seb PEREZPosrche - Pro/AmGBR33104.09
97Justin SHERWOODPosrche - Pro/AmGBR33103.8
1043James KAYEPosrche - ProGBR33103.2
1155Dan VAUGHANPosrche - Pro/AmGBR33104.94
1244Peter MANGIONPosrche - AmGBR33102.38
1322Peter KYLE-HENNEYPosrche - AmGBR33103.07
1418Gary EASTWOODPosrche - AmGBR33101.25
1531Shamus JENNINGSPosrche - AmGBR33100.5
1623Iain DOCKERILLPosrche - AmGBR33101.22
1784Richard HAWKENPosrche - AmGBR33101.32
1835Steve GALESPosrche - AmGBR3199.75
DNF5Fraser ROBERTSONPosrche - AmGBR24101.09
DNF2Rory COLLINGBOURNEPosrche - Pro/AmGBR13102.98
DNF27David SHAWPosrche - Am399.79
Ex32George GAMBLEPosrche - ProGBR33105.35
Ex3Esmee HAWKEYPosrche - Pro/AmGBR33103.39

Race report

Maiden wins for Ellinas and Plato at dramatic Donington

Maiden wins for Ellinas and Plato at dramatic Donington

Maiden Porsche Carrera Cup GB victories for Tio Ellinas (Slidesports Engineering) and Lewis Plato (JTR) at Donington Park means that the fastest single marque GT racing championship in the UK has seen four different winners from the first four rounds. Ellinas dominated qualifying in the wet and...

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