Sports exhaust systems and sports tailpipes

More sound. At the push of a button.
Sports exhaust systems and sports tailpipes from Porsche Tequipment.

The Porsche sound. Powerful, throaty, sporty. And the best thing about this: it can be further enhanced – with the sports exhaust systems and specially designed sports tailpipes from Porsche Tequipment.

Porsche - Sports exhaust systems and sports tailpipesPorsche - Sports exhaust systems and sports tailpipesPorsche - Sports exhaust systems and sports tailpipes

You can recognise a Porsche by its sound. And thanks to our sports exhaust systems, the throatiness of the typical Porsche sound can be enhanced even further. At the push of a button. When the sports exhaust system is switched off, the characteristic standard sound remains. When the system is activated, the sound becomes much more powerful, highlighting the athleticism of your model. Perfectly tailored to your Porsche. Because from the current horizontally opposed engines to the all-electric drive of the future, our Porsche experts in the Weissach Development Centre are designing individual sound concepts for every generation of engine. Goosebumps guaranteed.

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The development of Porsche Tequipment sports exhaust systems is complex. It starts when the car and drive are still in the digital development phase. Our acoustic specialists in Weissach calculate the subsequent sound as a result of the effects of various combinations of exhaust system and silencers on the vehicle's sound. Parameters that will provide a perfect sound.

To ensure this is the case, the typical Porsche sound is evaluated both objectively on noise measuring tracks, such as special acoustic test rigs, for example, and subjectively on the road. After deciding on a sound characteristic, the specification of the exhaust system is determined. Based on the dimensions and internal structure of the silencer, the perfect sound is then defined – to suit the respective engine, of course. After applying the exhaust flaps, the sports exhaust system can be activated at the touch of button – and the sporty nature of the sound increases significantly, within the emissions limits. The sound of the engine is therefore deliberately directed into the interior and amplified – for a sound experience as in motorsport. Both inside and out. Once the sound has finally been harmonised, the sports exhaust system must prove itself during a rigorous test programme – just like any other Porsche component. Following successful testing, the sports exhaust system is then fitted to your Porsche, so that it can demonstrate what it is capable of – at the touch of a button.

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