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Porsche China supports ‘West China Rhododendron Conservation’, focusing on biodiversity conservationExploring biodiversity conservation with the new Cayenne

• “Porsche China Dealer CSR Fund” to support rhododendron conservation and the popularisation of science in the West China Subalpine Botanical Garden.

Porsche China with enthusiast, customers and media advocating for the conservation of biodiversity, drove the new Cayenne to the West China Subalpine Botanical Garden in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, to explore the fascination of the rhododendron.

• In the six years since its establishment, the “Porsche China Dealer CSR Fund” has donated more than RMB14 million to support 37 charity programmes covering a wide range including education and child care, safety and health, and environmental protection and cultural heritage.

Shanghai/Chengdu. With spring in full bloom, Porsche China launched a unique biodiversity conservation trip on 9 April, visiting the ‘West China Rhododendron Conservation’. The programme was funded by the “Porsche China Dealer CSR Fund”, aiming to protect the "China Rhododendron Park" in the West China Subalpine Botanical Garden and contribute to the protection of biodiversity. Porsche China with enthusiast, customers and media drove the new Cayenne to the West China Subalpine Botanical Garden in Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, to explore the fascination of the rhododendron and to experience the far-reaching significance of biodiversity conservation.

The rhododendron originated in China, which remains a large country in terms of rhododendron plant resources, with more than 60 percent of the world's wild rhododendron native species. “West China Rhododendron Conservation" is Porsche China's latest initiative in biodiversity conservation. The programme is aimed at supporting the breeding and development of rhododendron, maintain its genetic diversity, protect the species and the regional ecology, and inspire more people to participate in biodiversity conservation initiatives to promote the harmonious development of human beings and nature.

On the day of the event, Porsche China and representatives of various sectors drove the new Cayenne to the West China Subalpine Botanical Garden to explore the mysterious world of the rhododendron. Here, participants not only experienced the vitality and beauty of rhododendron, but also learnt about the importance of protecting these natural treasures under the guidance of experts. This is not only a journey of exploration of alpine rhododendron, but also a deeper immersion into the ecological habits and conservation status of rhododendron, while enhancing the understanding of biodiversity conservation.

Explore the West China Subalpine Botanical Garden and protect the beauty of rhododendron

West China Subalpine Botanical Garden was established in 1988, located in the Longchi Valley at an altitude of 1,800m, with a total of more than 420 species of wild rhododendrons introduced for conservation and more than 2,000 species of living plants of other groups collected and preserved. It is the second largest rhododendron garden in the world and boasts the largest number of wild primitive rhododendron species for conservation in the Asian region.

"West China Rhododendron Conservation" is one of the key projects to be funded by “Porsche China Dealer CSR Fund” in 2023, which will be carried out by Chengdu Airport Porsche Centre in collaboration with Maze CSR Consulting. The donation will be used to support the introduction of rhododendron at the West China Subalpine Botanical Garden, which focuses on relocation and conservation, and to help the programme to enhance the number of native species of rhododendron in the collection of the West China Botanical Garden in the next ten years, the return of the species to the wild and the cultivation of new species and other scientific research, as well as to carry out the necessary publicity and hardware support of the basic scientific research work.

With this fund, Porsche China has further demonstrated the importance it attaches to biodiversity conservation. Biodiversity not only plays a vital role in maintaining the health and stability of ecosystems, but is also key to the sustainable development of human society.

The new Cayenne, Inspiring driving possibilities

As the "Wheel Ambassador" of this field visit, the new Cayenne demonstrated its outstanding off-road performance, with smoothly switching between driving modes. From urban roads to highway, mountain roads and off-road sections, participants were able to experience the new Cayenne's driving ability and unique driving pleasure in different scenarios.

With enhanced driving performance, new chassis technology and innovative lighting technology, the Cayenne emphasises its claim to be the sportiest car in its segment. For the Chinese market, the new Cayenne comes with air suspension features including Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) as standard. New shock absorbers with two-valve technology and thus separate rebound and compression stages which allow for optimised performance in all driving situations. Including comfort at slow speeds, handling during dynamic cornering, and pitch and stabilising the vehicle for off-road adventuring.

Giving back to society, creating a platform for corporate social responsibility

Upholding its future-oriented sustainable development strategy, Porsche China opened a new chapter of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in 2018—launching the “Porsche China Dealer CSR Fund” to motivate Porsche China dealers and investors to participate in CSR practices.

Over the past six years, Porsche China has donated more than RMB 14 million to the special fund, which has supported 37 charity programmes covering a wide range of social issues, bringing substantial help and positive impact to more than 350,000 people in total. These projects not only focus on basic areas such as education and child care to ensure the growth and development of the next generation, but also cover key social issues such as safety and health. In addition, Porsche China also focuses on areas such as environmental protection and cultural heritage, contributing to the promotion of sustainable development through practical actions.

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About Porsche China

Porsche was founded by Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Porsche in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1931 and was then transformed into a sports car manufacturer by Ferry Porsche in 1948. Porsche has been known as one of the most prestigious automobile brands in the world for decades. True to the core brand value of performance, Porsche leads the way in providing a new generation of sports cars that prove performance and efficiency can be perfectly combined.

Since entering the Chinese mainland in 2001, Porsche China has been dedicated to bringing the sporty genes and innovative spirit of the marque to Porsche enthusiasts in this dynamic market. In Porsche’s network in China, customers can experience the unlimited appeal of Porsche’s iconic sports cars: the legendary 911 series, the renowned 718 Boxster and Cayman mid-engine sports cars, the luxurious Cayenne premium SUV, the dynamic and pioneering Macan SUV, the luxurious four-door Panamera with pure sports genes and the all-electric Taycan with four-door sports saloon. Each demonstrates excellence in performance, exquisite design, and consistent commitment to perfect quality that Porsche embodies. Across Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, there are now 155 sales sites in operation, ensuring that Porsche customers across the country receive the hallmark personalised care that sets Porsche apart around the world.

A total of 79,283 Porsche cars were handed over to Chinese customers in 2023.

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