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Exploring Porsche factory in Leipzig: leading the future of electric mobility with a "smart, lean, and green" approachPorsche plant in Leipzig receives “Factory of the Year” award

• This year, the Porsche factory in Leipzig has significantly increased the production capaci-ty of the new all-electric Macan, while enabling the three different types of drivetrain – combustion, hybrid, and electric – to be assembled on a single assembly line.

• Embracing lean principles across production and logistics, the Leipzig factory establishes new standards for advanced factory operations, fostering efficiency and sustainable suc-cess.

Porsche is committed to achieving net carbon neutrality throughout the entire value chain, striving to create a green and environmentally friendly "Zero Impact Factory."

• The new all-electric Macan is expected to be unveiled at the Auto China 2024.

Shanghai/Leipzig. The Porsche Leipzig factory, located in the Saxony region of Germany, has been Porsche's main production hub since its establishment in 2000. With five expansions over the years and a cumulative investment of approximately 1.9 billion euros, the plant has emerged as one of the world's most advanced and sustainable automotive factories. Over the years, Leipzig has undertaken production tasks for several classic Porsche models, including the Cayenne, Carrera GT, Macan, and Panamera. Its total output exceeds 2 million vehicles, accounting for 70 per cent of Porsche's global car production. The factory adheres to the guiding principles of "smart, lean, and green", laying the foundations for the brand's success in the electrified future through innovative, efficient, flexible, and environmentally friendly production methods aimed at minimising environmental impact. Recently, the Leipzig factory stood out among hundreds of factories worldwide and was awarded the prestigious "Factory of the Year" accolade in a joint selection by Kearney corporate consulting firm together with publisher SV Veranstaltungen and the trade magazine "Produktion."

"Operational strategies at Porsche Leipzig factory are deeply rooted in sustainable development, focusing on innovative, efficient, and resource-sparing processes while keeping the environmental footprint as small as possible to achieve superior quality," says Gerd Rupp, Chair of the Executive Board Porsche Leipzig GmbH. "Moreover, talent is a critical success factor for the Leipzig factory. We continuously provide our employees with qualifications and digital software training related to electrification technologies, ensuring better alignment with our strategic objectives and meeting the needs of industry transformation and upgrade."

Smart manufacturing, paving the way for the future of electromobility

The goal of the Leipzig factory is to evolve gradually into a future-oriented modern facility, continually optimising its production processes to make them intelligent, digital, and connected. Presently, the Leipzig factory has the capability to flexibly co-produce three types of vehicles with different drivetrains as required: combustion, hybrid, and electric cars. This maximises flexibility and efficiency in production processes while also preparing for the complex and ever-changing market dynamics and industry transformations.

The Leipzig factory employs a series of intelligent technologies not only to ensure efficient industrial production but also to guarantee outstanding quality. One notable example is the Automatic Error Detection (AFE) system in the paint shop. In just 70 seconds, two robots scan the entire outer surface of a car’s body with a pattern of light strips. Around 100,000 photos enable them to use reflections to identify even the tiniest irregularities. Within the next 30 seconds, five image-processing computers assess the results. This allows workers to quickly visualize the location and type of detected irregularities on a 3D model of the car body, providing additional monitoring support for the paint application process.

From production to logistics, pursuing the advanced factory concept of lean manufacturing

The "lean" concept of Porsche Leipzig factory is reflected in its high-performance, high-efficiency logistics. Production in the assembly plant is based on just-in-time production and its further development, just-in-sequence production. These are organisation and control concepts geared towards requirement-based supply. A finely tuned production and material flow along the supply chain enables each part to arrive at the assembly line in the correct sequence -- and at the correct time. A coordinated, stable order sequence ensures that only those parts that can be installed immediately are delivered to the relevant section of the line.

The automated small-parts storage system (AKL) exemplifies the state-of-the-art logistics concept. This system provides small load carriers for tugger trains and utilizes shuttle technology, distinguishing it from conventional AKLs. Additionally, Porsche Leipzig employs driverless transport vehicles (FTF) to autonomously transport components like cockpits and seats directly to the production line. Approximately 90 shuttles equipped with autonomous drivetrains ensure high availability and reduce energy consumption by over 30% compared to AKLs with storage and retrieval units.

Aiming for zero impact across the entire value chain, implementing a long-term sustainable development strategy

Porsche is working towards net carbon neutrality across the value chain for newly built cars by 2030. One core element of this target is the company’s vision of a "Zero Impact Factory" -- a factory with the lowest possible negative impact on the environment. One important milestone has already been achieved: since 2021, the Porsche factory in Leipzig -- along with the production sites in Zuffenhausen and Weissach -- has been manufacturing on a net-carbon-neutral basis.

The factory comprehensively practices the concept of sustainable development across multiple action areas, from resource and material efficiency to biodiversity, aiming to make consistent improvements. Since 2017, the Leipzig factory has used electricity only from renewable sources. A portion of the electricity required is produced by the factory itself, with four photovoltaic systems installed for a total output of around 9.4 MWp (megawatt peak). There is also a biomass heating plant in the immediate vicinity of the factory that covers approximately half of the room heating requirement. In Leipzig, Porsche has supported a range of projects to conserve the variety of species on the factory premises -- for more than 20 years. On the factory’s 132-hectare off-road terrain, European bison, Exmoor ponies, and three million bees live alongside native wild species in harmony with nature and the factory.

With a steadfast commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship, Porsche has been honored with multiple awards. The Leipzig factory attained the Platinum rating from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) in 2019 and the Lean & Green Management Award 2021.

Porsche Leipzig prepares for production of the new all-electric Macan

Porsche Leipzig factory has emerged as a premier hub for electric vehicle manufacturing and has significantly increased the production capacity of the all-electric Macan in 2024. The factory has constructed a state-of-the-art body construction facility for the new Macan, integrated axle preassembly on-site, and introduced a new "marriage" process in assembly. The completion of these production facilities signifies an enhancement of Porsche Leipzig factory's lean manufacturing techniques and underscores its investment in future development capabilities.

On 25 January, 2024, the new all-electric Macan made its global debut in Singapore. With its characteristic Porsche performance, progressive yet timeless design, long-distance range, and high everyday practicality, the all-electric Macan, developed based on the PPE platform, is the perfect interpretation of an all-electric luxury sports SUV. The first two models, the all-electric Macan 4 and the all-electric Macan Turbo, are now available for pre-sale with a deposit in China, with the unveiling scheduled for the Auto China 2024.

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transformed into a sports car manufacturer by Ferry Porsche in 1948. Porsche has been known as one of the most prestigious automobile brands in the world for decades. True to the core brand value of performance, Porsche leads the way in providing a new generation of sports cars that prove performance and efficiency can be perfectly combined.

Since entering the Chinese mainland in 2001, Porsche China has been dedicated to bringing the sporty genes and innovative spirit of the marque to Porsche enthusiasts in this dynamic market. In Porsche’s network in China, customers can experience the unlimited appeal of Porsche’s iconic sports cars: the legendary 911 series, the renowned 718 Boxster and Cayman mid-engine sports cars, the luxurious Cayenne premium SUV, the dynamic and pioneering Macan SUV, the luxurious four-door Panamera with pure sports genes and the all-electric Taycan with four-door sports saloon. Each demonstrates excellence in performance, exquisite design, and consistent commitment to perfect quality that Porsche embodies. Across Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, there are now 155 sales sites in operation, ensuring that Porsche customers across the country receive the hallmark personalised care that sets Porsche apart around the world.

A total of 79,283 Porsche cars were handed over to Chinese customers in 2023.

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