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2022-2023 Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” winners officially announcedYoung artists award introduced new talents

• Li Hanwei, Li Ming, and Tong Wenmin announced as winners of 2022-2023 Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year”

Porsche has built up a dream platform for young artists, exploring the possibilities of contemporary Chinese art

• Award-winning artists will exhibit their solo works at ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair at the end of the year

Shanghai. On 15 August, the award list of 2022-2023 Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” was officially released. Li Hanwei, Li Ming and Tong Wenmin distinguished themselves from among the 14 nominees to be named winners this year thanks to their outstanding artistic expression and creation, as well as the unique perspective on art development and social issues. In the next phase, the three winners will be fully engaged in their preparations for the upcoming 11th edition of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair where their work will be featured in a special exhibition.

Over the past 15 years, Porsche has placed a great emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility in China. The company regards the cultivation and support of young artists as a key part of its CSR practice and seeks to explore possibilities for contemporary Chinese art. Ms. Jojo Tang, Vice President Public Relations and Press of Porsche China, delivered her sincere congratulations to the three winning artists and said: “I would like to congratulate these three talented young artists. Their creative and impressive art practices provide the audience with a window through which they can directly face social issues. We are keenly aware that the path to artistic dreams is full of thorns. Therefore, Porsche is dedicated to building a fair and professional platform for these extraordinary art dreamers, letting them be ‘seen’, ‘appreciated’, and ‘adored’. We expect that their passion for art creation and practice will be respected and encouraged by more audiences and inject new vitality into the contemporary Chinese art ecology.”

Kylie Ying, Co-founder of the ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, JINGART and DnA SHENZHEN said: “With this edition of selection, I feel delighted over the three artists’ extraordinary presentation. Li Hanwei, Li Ming and Tong Wenmin inspire the audience with their unique insights in the field of conceptual art. At the same time, I would like to express my appreciation for the great support from our jury committee, who have positively influenced young artists’ creation and practice, and even their lifelong artistic path with personal experience. It is my sincere wish to see all young artists have the chance to foster their long-term development in the future. I hope the three winning artists will further develop their mental connection with audiences at the upcoming exhibition in November. It would be wonderful to see their works inspiring strength and evoking profound resonance.”

Li Hanwei, Li Ming and Tong Wenmin work in different creative mediums and styles. Nevertheless, their art works convey strong artistic tension while demonstrating the endless exploration of life and social issues.

Li Hanwei is skilled at using metaphor and has a distinctive personal touch. His complex and multi-layered installations weave together various narratives of work, life, and desire into a visual format. His winning work, Back to back, reassembled source materials through montage techniques, performing a playful narrative where the virtual world and reality coexist.

Li Ming focuses on video practice. His works is epitomised by his creative use of non-linearity, reflecting the sense of cognitive inner realities and its super-distance connection. His winning work, “’Rendering the Mind’ ninth channel”, aimed to explore non-typical spaces in the city and the hypothetical space of human desire through image editing.

Tong Wenmin’s art often focuses on the intersection between individual perception and the external environment, stimulating visual poetry and inspiring action through behaviours that at first seem counter-intuitive. Her works, Flicking and Wave, use natural space to create regular yet mysterious feelings via body movement, presenting simple emotions, energy and sharpness.

Art is at the cutting-edge of the social revolution, while young artists are a pioneering group with sensitive insights and passionate thinking. Therefore, the support for young art talents contributes to long-term social development. Dr. Shen Qilan, Art Critic, Cultural Scholar and the Curator of this edition of Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year”, expressed her great expectations for the winning artists: “May everyone who dedicates themselves to art be blessed. May the passionate heart and talent shine like stars, lighting the long journey ahead. I hope that those who share common ambition will accompany each other. Their art pursuits are worth eulogising.”

After this announcement, the three winning artists will be involved in a new-round of artistic creation. A special exhibition will be arranged to showcase their solo art works at the 11th ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair at the end of this year.

Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” is a continuous, authoritative and innovative selection co-organised by Porsche China and the Cc Foundation, and supported by ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair. The programme aims to identify and support the most innovative and pioneering young Chinese artists and encourage them to advance in the exploration and practice of their art by studying the topical trends and burning questions in the art world. The selection process consists of four stages: nomination, group exhibition and selection voting, announcement of the winner and presentation of the results. Entries are limited to those aged under 40, born in the Chinese mainland and who have been practising art for at least three years. In 2017, the first Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” programme was successfully held. Since its inception, more than 60 young art talents have been nominated, among which 13 of them have won awards for their outstanding professionalism.


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