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Porsche joins hands with Aranya Theatre Festival for a theatrical arts extrava-ganzaA scroll of dreams unfolding between the sea and the drama

• The Art of Dreams series of installations displayed along the coast in Aranya, inspiring the limitless dreams of like-minded people;

Porsche engaged with theatre, dialogue and other art and cultural practices to create a colourful artistic experience for theatre lovers and young people.

Shanghai/Aranya. On 17 June, 2023, the Aranya Theatre Festival returns with the theme “Immense Howls and Gentle Whispers”, bringing together theatre lovers and creators to the romantic seaside for a daring and passionate mix of theatre and life. For the first time, Porsche has become a strategic partner of the Aranya Theatre Festival in its 75th anniversary year, offering the public a new, immersive and sustainable creative experience through a variety of art forms, such as large-scale installations, theatre and dialogues that portray the spirit and power of dreams.

“A ‘dream’ marked the starting point of Porsche's 75-year journey, becoming both the driving force that has led us forward and the consensus of faith that has united countless dreamers. This partnership between Porsche and the Aranya Theatre Festival is a further exploration of how we bring our journey of dreams into the art world, and open up new possibilities for peo-ple to connect with each other and brighten each others’ lives." said Mr. Michael Kirsch, Presi-dent and CEO of Porsche China.

Four installations displayed along the quiet coast stirring inner passions

There is no unified expression in the art world, all kinds of things have their own unique voice. For the first time, Porsche is bringing The Art of Dreams series of art installations to Aranya, where has the same spirit of “dream-making”, and inspire those walking along the boundless shore with four imaginative cross-border artworks. The Art of Dreams, a global series of expe-riences in art and design initiated by Porsche, brings together pioneering artists from different fields to break through the boundaries of time and space so as to interpret the diverse charms of dreams.

“Dream in Motion”, a new sculpture created by artist Chris Labrooy, captures the vibrant ener-gy of the dream car Porsche Taycan as it races across the Aranya waterfront, using colourful geometric shapes to artistically express the rising sand and dust, transporting people into a world of fantasy and reality.

“Dream Bold” is the first time that the artist Benedict Radcliffe has used hollow tubes as his major material. The artwork made the design essence of the classic Porsche 934 reappear with minimalist lines. The exquisite lines described a visual landscape of great tension which stimulates a strong resonance for dreams within people.

“Dream On” and “Dream Capsule” are mutually corresponding installation art units. On 8 June, 1948, Porsche 356 No.1. Roadster became the first sports car to bear the Porsche brand name. 75 years later at Aranya, the “Dream On” scroll installation redisplayed the 356 blue-print by Ferry Porsche. With an encouraging quote inscribed on the scroll “Those lucky enough to build a business out of a dream owe it to the world to be the caretakers of dreams”.

The scroll with the words was encased in a drifting bottle, “Dream Capsule”, symbolising the transformative journey of fulfilling one’s dreams. It transcended the constraints of time and space and landed upon the golden coast of Aranya. The Taycan wrapped in the scroll is a perfect example of how Porsche interprets the sport car dream of Ferry Porsche in a complete-ly different and modern way.

On site, two artists joined the Seaside Dialogue centring on Tradition & Disruption – Dream·Art·Colour, discussed with the host Ms. Chen Luyu and Mr. Philip Tinari, Director of the UCCA Centre for Contemporary Art, about how modern artists build their artistic dreams with vibrant colours and transcendent art forms.

A further opportunity for theatre to leave an indelible imprint upon our dreams

Audiences, artists and creators across the globe came to Aranya to pursue their dream of the-atre. They met and got to know each other to create a broad and profound time and space for drama. Attendees leveraged the theatre art to feel the emotion of their surroundings, reflect the magnificence of life and empathetically talk with the world. On a breezy summer night in June, an in-depth conversation brought the atmosphere to a climax. Mr. Michael Kirsch, President and CEO of Porsche China, Ms. Sheng Tantzscher, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Porsche China, Mr. Ma Yin, the Founder of Aranya and Mr. Liu Chang, the Artistic Curator of Aranya Theatre Festival shared their insights on theatre, art and dreams, and their ups and downs in the process of pursuing their dreams.

Looking back on Porsche’s 75 years, the brand has a solid foundation built on a dream, and continuously leverages heritage and innovation to break through its boundaries. Porsche also regards art and the passion for life as anchors to connect a wider range of people and dream chasers, moving forward together. This summer, Porsche and Aranya jointly weave a dream and immerse themselves in the performing arts with theatre lovers and young people, listening to the echo in their souls of the “howls and whispers”.


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