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Festival of Dreams opens in China celebrating 75 years of Porsche sports carsDriven by Dreams

• The “Festival of Dreams” features seven themed areas and a wide range of activities showcasing Porsche's 75 years of sports car dreams

• More than 100,000 Porsche owners and enthusiasts in China are expected to participate in the 11-day celebratory event

Porsche China's 10th regional club established for the Shenzhen region

Shanghai/Guangzhou. On 8 June, Porsche kicks off the celebrations for its 75-year anniversary with events held simultaneously around the world. In China, Porsche has launched the 11-day “Festival of Dreams” at the Haixinsha Asian Games Park in Guangzhou, to showcase Porsche's unique heritage and innovative spirit through interactive activities which combine sport, art, music and esports to resonate with Porsche owners and enthusiasts. More than 100,000 people are expected to attend, making it the largest community event in Porsche China's history.

On the opening day, Michael Kirsch, President and CEO of Porsche China, together with Porsche enthusiasts, lit up the Canton Tower, marking this milestone moment in Porsche's dream-chasing journey. “Porsche is determined to help realise the sports car dreams of our customers all around the world, and we have been doing so for 75 years. I am honoured to share this moment with Chinese dream chasers," said Kirsch. "We invite Porsche enthusiasts, owners, car communities, fans, and everyone with a dream to join the festival and celebrate our anniversary together."

Driven by Dreams, creating sports car legends for 75 years

Looking back through history, Porsche has been a brand driven by dreams since its inception. “In the beginning I looked around and couldn’t find the car I’d been dreaming of. So I decided to build it myself.” Dedicated to pursuing his dream sports car, Ferry Porsche created the Porsche brand and over time its legend grew. On 8 June 1948, the very first Porsche sports car proudly bearing the chassis number 356-001 received its official homologation, signalling the birth of the Porsche sports car brand. In 1963, Porsche launched its iconic sports car 911, which has remained popular with enthusiasts around the world through eight generations of upgrades. Porsche has continued to expand its product line-up over the decades, diversifying its choice of models and blending sporting performance with daily usage. Entering the age of electrification, Porsche continues to take on its role as an active practitioner in the industry, extending the glorious history of the brand.

On the event day on 8 June, a special Porsche Parade featuring classic Porsche sports cars wound its way through Guangzhou to commemorate the journey between the brand and owners. The parade involved hundreds of Porsche owners from across China driving their beloved sports cars, as part of Porsche’s special birthday gift. The parade travelled along the banks of the Pearl River, like a belt road bringing the charm of Porsche's history and heritage to Guangzhou, as well as evoking the sports car dreams from all who witnessed the procession.

A dream-filled carnival of Porsche passion

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche travelled across mountains and oceans, bringing its sports car culture and dreams to China. This time, Porsche is once again presenting a bounty of dreams to its Chinese supporters using “dream containers” at the “Festival of Dreams”.

As the countdown ended, the Canton Tower was illuminated with a glittering tribute to Porsche’s 75-years of dreams, marking the official opening of the Festival of Dreams. Lasting for 11 days, the festival will present a fantastic Porsche world through seven zones: 911 Display, Art, Sport, Sustainability, Heritage, E-Racing, and Music. Visitors will not only be able to see all eight generations of the 911, enjoy the classic charm of the 959 Dakar and 911 Dakar, but also appreciate the artistic beauty of the Porsche art car – the 996 Swan – and explore the surging passion of virtual racing. The festival will combine multiple exciting elements such as sports, art, music and esports to portray Porsche history and classics, and speak of legends and the future through the lens of dreams.

In addition, Porsche will also arrange special sessions for Chinese Porsche fans to continue the celebration. On 9 June at 10:00, the livestream of the “75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars” anniversary show in Stuttgart will be broadcast live in China, with five themes of Heritage, Zeitgeist, Performance, Pioneering Spirit and Dreams, telling the story of sports car heritage and the imagination of the sports car future. From 10 June to 11 June, the 100th anniversary race of the 24 Hours of Le Mans will be held. The Festival of Dreams will invite motorsport enthusiasts to witness this moment in motorsport history via a live broadcast from Le Mans. Porsche is returning to the top category of Le Mans this year with factory-run Porsche 963 aiming for its 20th success, and with Porsche Motorsport Asia Pacific Selected Driver Yifei Ye racing for his dream of becoming the very first Chinese Le Mans overall winner. What’s more, on 12 June, the Porsche China Innovation Open Day will take place, focusing on innovative ecology and future trends, as well as celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Porsche China Innovation Office. Meanwhile, Innovation Accelerator 2023 will be officially launched at the Open Day, supporting more and more local companies to grow rapidly and fulfilling Porsche’s long-term commitment to the Chinese market.

Brought together by dreams, the Porsche Club China Shenzhen Region officially established

On the occasion of 75th anniversary of the brand, Porsche Club China officially established its Shenzhen Region branch. This initiative will build a tighter communication network for Porsche owners in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA), as well as showing the charm of Porsche’s ultimate sports car passion and providing Porsche’s renowned service to Porsche owners in the surrounding areas. Founded in 2017, Porsche Club China has grown rapidly over the years. Including the recently established one in Shenzhen, Porsche Club China has established 10 regional clubs in total with nearly 10,000 members across the country.

Gary Shone, Vice President Customer Management of Porsche China, stated that, “the expansion and achievements of Porsche Club China can be attributed to all the support from our Porsche owners. We will continue to invest in regional operations to build a better communication platform that will offer Porsche owners within the Shenzhen area a renowned experience with the Porsche family, and to further convey Porsche’s ultimate sports car culture and brand philosophy.”


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