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2022-2023 Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” Nominees’ Exhibition Unveiled in BeijingVenture into the forest of senses, awaken a passion for life

Porsche has been engaged in the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility in China for 15 years, deepening the cultivation of young artistic talents and promoting social harmony and healthy development;

• 14 nominees showcased their work at the 4th JINGART, demonstrating the pioneering practice of new artistic talents;

• The exhibition - “the Forest of Senses” explores the possibility of breaking through the constraints of destiny with the power of art in the era of big data;

• On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Porsche sports cars, the 911 Dream Car featuring a tape art installation was showcased, conveying the brand spirit of “driven by dreams”.

Shanghai/Beijing. On 1 June, the 2022-2023 Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” Nominees’ Exhibition, co-organised by Porsche China and the Cc Foundation, and supported by ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, was officially unveiled at the 4th JINGART festi-val. This exhibition, themed “the Forest of Senses”, featured work by the 14 nominees, explor-ing how human beings can exist in the context of the intertwined virtual and real worlds, data and instincts, how they can regain their senses and break through the constraints of destiny, as well as to re-weaken their curiosity and love for the world. On the opening day, Dr. Shen Qilan, the renowned curator and cultural scholar, engaged in a deep dialogue with the nomi-nees and jury representatives, sharing individual insights on “the Forest of Senses” and illus-trating the process of art creation. During the exhibition, the jury committee, representatives from universities and authorised art world journalists evaluated and voted on the artworks. The list of winners will be announced in the second half of the year.

“This exhibition condensed the creative wisdom and forward thinking of the 14 nominees and the curator, showcasing an art practice of great practical significance in the context of the times. With diverse backgrounds, active mindsets, delicate expressions and experimental spir-its, these artists showed us a unique glimpse of China’s contemporary art scene,” said Jojo Tang, Vice President Public Relations and Press of Porsche China. “Porsche has been com-mitted to Corporate Social Responsibility for 15 years in China, with a particular focus on nur-turing young artistic talents. Since the establishment of this selection programme, we have seen numerous young individuals mature and transform their art careers, while also witnessing a great deal of support and recognition from the public and media for contemporary art and young artists. This will inspire us to continue exploring the art world and promote the develop-ment and cultivation of young artistic talents.”

Pioneering ideas awaken new senses

The exhibition “the Forest of Senses” brought 23 creatively diverse and multi-form themed works from the 14 nominated artists, including 5 paintings, 5 videos, and 13 installations. The exhibition’s design, which unfolded in three chapters - “new sense is new percipience”, “new sense is new consciousness”, and “new sense is a new mind” - was inspired by the imagery of the “forest”. The young artists incorporated their personal experiences of history and life into their work, delving deeply to explore a new method of perceiving the world called "sense". Acute sense is the guarantee of human physical health and mobility, but it is also a gradually deteriorating ability in a highly civilised and technological society. This exhibition, which aims to stimulate the audience’s personal immersion in ecology, technology, and history, is an inno-vative demonstration of young artistic talent to capture social emotions and transmit power.

On the exhibition day, a 911 dream car subtly merged with a tape art installation landed at Beijing Exhibition Centre. As a creative work commemorating the 75th anniversary of Porsche sports cars, this 911 defined the glorious history and unstoppable passion of thousands of Porsche enthusiasts, representing Porsche’s respect to colourful dreams and the brave pursu-ers of dreams, while also conveying Porsche’s motto of “driven by dreams” to visitors coming from all walks of life.

Following trends and updating selection criteria

This nominees’ exhibition was only open to artists under the age of 40 and who were born in the Chinese mainland with over three years of art practice experience. Through the judging mechanisms, a new criterion was added to assess whether or not the selected artworks reflected their considerations and exploration of the process, and to reflect on any possible inspirations. This criterion proposed a high requirement for the nominees. Their artwork should not only be limited to the discussion on the development of art, creative forms and modern society, but should also contain a broader vision and deeper significance. This updated criterion emphasised the professionalism and topicality of this programme and also made the selection process more competitive.

Assist artistic dream and promote social progress

Art, like the racing gene, is a trait integrated into the brand’s DNA. Porsche has always been committed to the healthy and harmonious development of Chinese society, and is well aware of the role of art in it. This is also an important reason why Porsche China has always regard-ed supporting young artists as a Corporate Social Responsibility practice for many years. Young artists are the observers and thinkers of society, giving them sufficient exploration space and creative opportunities allows them to accumulate new possibilities and strengths for the coming days. In the future, Porsche will continue to support artistic dreams and let the power of art play an increasingly important role in the social development process.

In 2010, Porsche China joined hands with Sichuan Fine Arts Institute to launch the "Empower-ing the Future" art contest, which seeks to discover and support talented art students and pro-vides them with practical assistance in their artistic exploration. In 2017, Porsche China ex-panded its focus to a broader group of young artists, and collaborated with Cc Foundation and ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair to hold the first annual selection. The event was upgraded to a biennial selection in 2018 and has gradually developed over the years. With the continuous improvement of the selection mechanism and the participation of authoritative ex-perts in the art world, Porsche's "Young Chinese Artist of the Year" has become a professional stage for young artists to showcase their talents. At present, more than 60 emerging artists have been nominated, and ten of them have won awards with their highly individualistic art work and outstanding artistic talents.

2022-2023 Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” 14 Nominee list (name list in al-phabetical order):

Bi Rongrong, Chen Yuchen, He Liping, He Xiangyu, Ju Teng, Li Hanwei, Li Ming, Lin Aojie, Lin Zheng, Pan Zishen, Qian Jiahua, Tong Wenmin, Zhang Ruyi, Zhang Wenchao.


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