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Porsche invests in 3D printing leader INTAMSYS to speed up digital transformation of the manufacturing processesSports car manufacturer opens up new perspectives on digital development

Porsche Ventures makes strategic investment in industrial 3D printing leader INTAMSYS, opening a new frontier for digital transformation.
Porsche partners with INTAMSYS to expand the application scenarios for digital additive manufacturing, while helping to fulfill its strategic objective as a provider of digital mobility solutions in the luxury car segment.
Porsche’s digital transformation reaches the product manufacturing phase to enrich its digital strategy deployment, so as to deliver more integrated digital product experience.
Committed to the Chinese market, Porsche actively expands its investment portfolio in China, and enhances local business operation.

Shanghai. Porsche Ventures recently made a strategic investment in INTAMSYS, a world-leading high-performance material 3D printing equipment supplier, to explore the application of cutting-edge manufacturing in the automotive industry. This venture marks Porsche’s first foray into additive manufacturing, and serves as another measure to speed up the deployment of its digital strategy.

In order to more flexibly adapt to market changes, innovation and the research and development of intelligent solutions have to be seen as decisive factors in enabling Porsche to achieve continuous progress and success. With the gradual digital transformation of the automotive industry, 3D printing is seeing rapid deployment and development, and is becoming ever deeper enmeshed within the industry. Porsche believes additive manufacturing, as an integral part of future digital manufacturing technology, will play an important role in promoting the digitalisation of businesses. 3D printing creates new possibilities for the development and manufacturing of small-series parts and components. Innovation and R&D around additive manufacturing solutions is a high-tech sector worth long-term, continuous input, as it has the potential to optimise products and components, while boosting digital transformation within the enterprise.

Dr.-Ing. Jens Puttfarcken, President and CEO of Porsche China, said with full confidence in this strategic investment: “Digital transformation has seeped into every aspect of production and daily life, and is listed as one of the core issues in Porsche’s operation strategy. Porsche plans to boost the actual application of the additive manufacturing technology, and leverage the significant innovation potential of 3D printing in terms of both product and process to offer customers more flexible production and customisation services. We are honored to support INTAMSYS as an important partner on Porsche’s digital transformation journey to help fulfill our vision of the future.”

Jointly promoting the innovation of digital product solutions

For years, Porsche has been known for its superb sports car manufacturing craftsmanship. The insights of INTAMSYS into craftsmanship and its persistent pursuit for digital manufacturing perfection coincide with the German sports car manufacturer’s ethos. Facing increasingly stringent industrial production standards, INTAMSYS has overcome various hurdles through years of technical R&D, and achieved a significant breakthrough with the small-scale production of automotive parts and components, fully reflecting the tenacity and technical strength of its team. With this strategic investment, Porsche hopes to digitalise the product manufacturing process, improve production structures, and enrich its digital strategy deployment, so as to offer more diverse digital product experiences to customers. In the future, Porsche will expand the application of additive manufacturing to fulfill its strategic objective as a digital mobility solution provider in the luxury car segment.

INTAMSYS is a world-class high-tech company providing high-performance material 3D printing and industrial direct additive manufacturing solutions for global customers, and has grown into a leading company in this segment since it stepped into this market in 2016. Dedicated to developing 3D printing from prototype manufacturing to volume production, INTAMSYS endeavors to accelerate breakthroughs in core technologies with continuous R&D input, and provide integrated additive manufacturing solutions from functional tests, prototype production and work fixtures, to volume production of final products. So far, its products have been widely applied in the fields of aerospace, automotive, medical, and scientific research, among many other industries. The partnership with Porsche will boost its business development in the automotive sector.

“We are excited to see that our product and vision are recognised and supported by Porsche,” according to Charles Han, CEO of INTAMSYS. “In the future, INTAMSYS will continue our close cooperation with Porsche to develop more innovative products, expand application in the automotive industry, and empower digital manufacturing transformation of the automotive industry, in a bid to benefit more customers with high-tech solutions.”

Expanding investments in China to underscore the strategic significance of the Chinese market

As a subsidiary of Porsche with venture capital as its core business, Porsche Ventures is committed to partnering with and investing in outstanding entrepreneurs and start-ups from all over the world, with offices in Europe, the U.S., Israel and China. With great attention to and optimism about the huge potential of the Chinese market, Porsche Ventures focuses on the dynamics of emerging industries in China, such as automotive, innovative technologies, Internet and AI. It has successively invested in local start-ups like NIO Capital and iMaker to expand its portfolio in China. Porsche Ventures allocates more than 150 million euros each year for investment in start-ups and venture capital firms. With a focus on future-oriented new technologies, new trends and new business models, Porsche Ventures strives to boost cooperation between excellent companies and the Porsche ecosystem, so as to provide abundant industrial resources and experience for the invested companies.


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